Is gen Z (Zoomers) more conservative than Millennials if so why?

  • The reason why Generation Z is so anti-social is that their schools won't let them have a voice!

    I see Zoomers as the new Silents. Because they're growing up in a corrupt liberal school system, They can't say anything even remotely right-wing or "suspicious". Otherwise, They'll be kicked out of school or taken away from their parents. So even though they may seem liberal on the outside, On the inside, They know what's up. Millennials and Zoomers may use technology the same, But politically, They are polar opposites.

  • They seem too gullible

    They go online and get advice from so called experts. All the major influences are just paid spokespersons they do seem to be dumber.
    Shorter attention span and no real care on learning. Why learn about engineering and math when you can watch a video and become an "expert" "lifehaxs".
    Sure in a pinch you can learn how to light a fire online but with the internet you no nothing.
    And the worst part is that sponsored content and first search results can be taken advantage of. Search what tablet to buy and you will have the people telling you the same thing, Because they are all paid shills. Those old boomers are trying to preserve their legacy onto the most dumbest generation.

  • IT was a culmination of years of planning

    The conservatives destroyed education. Now that superstition and hyper paranoia run rampant in the uneducated masses.
    Conservatives like Ben Shapiro Alex Jones brainwashed the weak minded masses.

    I listen to Ben Shapiro and those conservative experts and let me tell you they EXAGGERATE, And then they sucker people into buying their solution. If they went in a kiddie pool they would cry saying that they are drowning.
    "Oh my gosh we are losing millions of dollars because of illegals and welfare! America will be destroyed! Lets enact a new drastic complex legislation that only a few people will read to solve this. "
    Never mind that a few trillion dollars were wasted pay attention the few millions.
    I can't even talk to conservatives because they tell me but fox news said this, Or Tuckers said this so it must be true.
    And then I can't even tell them about actual studies or historical facts because they will say Fake News Fake News.

    AOC makes mistakes and they call her retarded. But when Trump makes a mistake you defend him like some messiah. Don't talk that way about the anointed one.

    I used to think that history didn't repeat but it looks like its repeating.
    Rome is burning and America is burning, All because the people let evil people in power.
    Why doesn't trump lock up Hillary? Does trump know other pedophiles? Will trump ever repent because he said that he never repented in his life and does not believe that he ever will.
    Do you people even believe in your bible because half the time you disobey it and the other half of the times you ignore it.

  • Boomers failed millennials but have another shot

    Wrinkly old people know they are dying off so there last attempt to leave a legacy is in the gen Z. Nazism is back and so is the push for capital elitism. It where gut feelings are more correct than scientists with 4+ of higher education. And education is worthless only money.

    Basically that you have to succeed in life and crush everyone and be ruthless. Money Money. Be the youngest millionaire or be broke like a millineal.

    So now you have gen z that are afraid to even go to college and be in debt and would rather work or start a startup. (even though a lot business fail in the first year) Which conservatives like. They want less education and people to only care about themselves and money and more money. A man makes a billion dollars but because he gives away 1 millions he is good philanthropist, Even though he might have ruin the lives of other small business owners. Dog eat dog world.

    And A world where news can be fake because it does not feel right or because its too "biased" and people have become more cold heated.

    I make my own money. Its not much but I am happy how I am.
    I just worry for the young people who are being told that if they do not make money they are nothing. Our resources are running out and people only care who makes owns more paper money or owns gold metal brick.

  • Zoomers of which I am one don't see Conservatives as the oppressive authority, But the democrats instead.

    For a long time since Vietnam and the anti war protests that was lead by liberals, Conservatives were seen as the Authority the guys who were in charge. They were the ones making fake news being corrupt and having political scandals. This changed in my opinion with the election of Bill Clinton who made the Democrat party far more appealing to minority groups like Hispanics, Blacks, And Arabs. Also latter in the early 2000's when Dems became more and more pro LGBTQ and pushed heavy Identity politics to get Obama elected. The biggest thing though is the 2016 election and the never ending Dem freak out over everything Trump does. I used to be a hard core Dem until after the 2016 election when I listened to Trump, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, And other conservative voices and thought they don't sound so crazy.

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