Is Globalization the Modern Day Colonialism?

Asked by: prayan123
  • Globalism is just a way to destroy western society

    Globalists wants to destroy the western world and will do so by the import of shady muslim gangs and terrorist organizations. These muslims and niggers will replace the white race within 100 years which believe it or not is the jewish goal. They truly hate christians and anything white. They are racists and idiots. Globalism is like communism, It sounds good but will never work in practise. As these niggers with breed 10 x faster than whites and replace them. Just like homo sapiens replaced neanderthals, Even tho the neanderthals had much larger brains than the dumb homo sapiens. Black people will not destroy what little is left of these great white apes DNA. And everyone will become a stupid bonbo baboon.

  • You hurt people around the world

    3hd world countries that fought for independence are becoming slaves once again. Instead of having soldiers stationed at nations faceless corporations are the new masters. America and super power nations can buy goods at cheaper prices around the world. They can buy foods at lower prices and make a large profit.
    Check your clothes. Where is it made? Pakistan? Go to the internet and see the working conditions of people who make the clothes you wear and who grow some of the foods you eat.
    They work long hours and they live on less than 10$ a day.
    And Super power nations can pay other nations to take their trash. Where do the refrigerators and old electronics go? They go to nations where the poor extract the precious metals and have no protection.
    Natural resources such as oil and gold are being taken by foreign companies which are protected by their rich nations.
    Oil spills not their problem.

    And the reason why these nation can never pick themselves up is because all of the politicians are picked by foreign companies. In Latin America a lot of politicians were being bribed by the oil company which is why in Texas people have cheap gas but in Mexico where the oil comes from its 12$ a gallon.
    This prosperity come at the expense of other nations.
    Go watch pemex scandals.

  • Globalization is the new colonialism

    I have to write an essay on this topic and thought this was a good place to post for good arguments as to why, Im arguing why it is the modern day colonialism. Both sides to this would be appreciated, Any direct quotes, References and links for arguments would be appreciated as well thanks :D

  • It can be a good thing

    It gives poor people in other countries the chance to have a decent job. Sure they make a lot less and their wages need to be increased, But they have a job. It also allows for economic development. They are having roads being built and communications towers and all sorts of development.
    Who knows maybe a brilliant person can create a company and. . . . . Wait there are already millionaires in 3hd world countries.
    And there might be e waste but those other nations are also fixing broken technology. Globalism is not perfect but its building infrastructure in places where they have nothing. Electric plants, Technical training. What are you doing? You sound high and mighty but you buy stuff overseas made around the world.

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