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  • Homework helps to train our minds and the growth of our learning.

    Homework is critically essential. It ensures each and every student in the classroom, That they are able to work independently and develop the self-discipline that they need to succeed in life. Homework also assists school teachers on how the students are going each day. It is a tool to help teachers to track every student's progress daily.

    There is no point for students to just go to school, Sit in classes and then go home without homework been allocated to them. Students will not learn anything, Not one thing. It doesn't matter how smart they are, They need thinking and memory training. And homework does just that.

    Homework is set to train our students to take initiative and responsibility. If they don't learn this skill early on in their lives, How are they going to thrive in their future?

    Look. Working in the workforce is largely based on taking responsibility. You have your own allocated job duties that you have to carry out daily. Even if you are the owner of a business, Your responsibility/job duties will be even higher and bigger than your employees, Especially when you first begin. You can't just sit there, Slack off and stand by, Can you? And if you don't have that, It's "see you later"! You either get fired by your boss or your business close down. Simple as that.

    And so, Homework plays a key and tremendous role. It teaches students how to set their priorities and how to get things done, In an orderly and quick manner.

    At the end of the day, Homework will teach you all these skills - having responsibility, Setting priorities, Taking initiatives, Self-discipline, Working independently, Encourage active learning.

  • NO! We shouldn't need homework.

    Its is very easy to cheat on homework and you will not learn anything when you cheat. You can easily use a calculator. Also, Children need time to unwind. They need to be able to do what they want to do. Such as playing outside or playing video games instead of doing their daily homework.

  • It makes it harder to learn.

    I do better learning and remembering with a teacher who explains things or hands-on learning in the classroom. It's an environment I can focus while in. I know that we don't have time in class to go over things and that's why we have homework. However, Do we really need so much material? Some of the stuff we learn, No one will use in their life after that class.

  • No homework.

    In general kids should not have homework because it puts a strain on the family unit, Puts too much stress on young people, And makes children dislike learning. The family structure in society today is diminishing. So many families have little time to spend together between after-school activities, Chores and homework.

  • Doesn't accomplish anything

    Homework is intended to extend the time a student is exposed to subject material. It is hoped that additional exposure and practice will help the student learn the material better. In addition, It provides a means to grade a student's understanding. However, There is no consensus that homework is effective (see https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Homework#Academic_performance).

    Homework consumes a huge amount of time, Deflating a student's interest in the material and outpacing their ability to remain focused on it.

    A student learns best in an active learning environment where they can ask an expert questions to complete their understanding of the material--this is impossible under normal homework settings.

    There is an argument that homework can be used to gauge student understanding. This is to no effect, Since that information is not then used to improve their understanding. The pattern tends to be:
    1) teach subject "A"
    2) assign homework on subject "A"
    3) teach subject "B"
    Since subject "A" is not revisited after the homework is completed, Students' misunderstandings are not redressed. This is a particular problem where the subject is cumulative, Where subject "B" requires understanding of subject "A, " such is common in math classes for example. The student becomes less likely to succeed as they lack the foundation necessary to understand further developments in the subject matter.

    There is little benefit from homework. It is either an excuse to push the burden of learning from the teacher to the student (making obsolete the role of the teacher), Or else it is redundant exposure to material (a waste of everyone's time and energy).

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