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  • It's not your job.

    You're not God so why would you even think about doing something like this. We all are humans and we deserve to be represented to the world as unique individuals and not being cloned for someone's selfish reasons. We need to fight against this and tell the world that making another duplicate of someone who takes away all the creativity and intelligence in the original person.

  • Dangerous Very Harmful!

    Human Cloning is Very wrong!! We Should All Be Different!! On the sixth day God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he created him; male and female created he created them (Genesis 1:26-27) << Very good example

  • Cloning is WRONG!!!

    Human cloning is wrong because its un natural and not right. Creating dolly the sheep there were many deaths and a huge cost. For one your not god!!! Stop trying to be him. Theres a reason why you cant do certain things. I STRONGLY believe that human cloning is wrong!!!!

  • It is Immoral

    What is the whole point of sex then? We are able to have sex, because we have to reproduce. Now you want to eliminate the need for reproduction? Don't mess with nature.

    We are all unique; but for how much longer? If you clone me, I won't feel special anymore - neither will the clone.

    Cloning a body is possible, but I feel it is impossible to clone a PERSON, because the clone does not have a soul. Cloning would just create zombies (and make my nightmares come true!)

  • No cloning it will lead to death

    The reason why I think cloning is bad is that if al qaeda learns how to clone then the U.S. is in trouble and the UK. If al qaeda learns how to clone then they will clone there army and their leaders and they will attack the U.S. And the UK. QUIT CLONING TO SAVE LIVES.

  • Humans should not create humans

    There is obviously a vast amount of moral and ethical concerns in regard to human cloning. Human life is believed to be precious and sacred. Cloning inevitably is rarely successful the first time, which means that human embryos will die. It is fair to say that cloning is akin to murder or manslaughter at the least. For those who do not believe that life is sacred, it is just tissue being disposed of. The idea of cloning is repugnant. We are putting the “cloner” in the place of God. The most important part of a person is their spirit, soul or mind and cloning does not allow one to achieve this, it rather allows one to attempt to achieve some genetic standard. There is no justification for cloning, it is so inhumane in the sense that there are people on this earth with very cruel intentions and human cloning would allow for military use. For instance, a country that could clone people could create a massive army that could attempt to take over other countries and lead to endless wars of emotionless men. Humans should be created through an act of love and not an act of science. One that is cloned can no longer be considered an individual, as your identity is not necessarily just yours; you are sharing it with someone else. Another example for instance, if terrorist groups had the ability to clone then the world would be a much more frightening place always in fear of being attacked at any unknown time. Not only this, but human cloning could lead to extremely ethically wrong and inhumane actions like organ harvesting. Babies created by two people are protected by civil rights and birth rights, if organ harvesting ever happened to them, then people would be punished. However, if the organs of clones were harvested, nothing would happen. Who protects them? The clone may also face emotional difficulties that could get in the way of living a normal life. If the clone realized they were created to replace somebody who has passed away, the clone would feel an insane amount of pressure knowing this. The clone may look the same, but it will never act the same. It will never be an exact replica. Also, what is a couple has a clone they are not happy with? Technology has the tendency to often fail. Cloning is such a huge ethical and moral concern. It really cannot be justified.

  • of course it is wrong.

    In this cruel world if we allow human cloning all it is used is for military uses. Any country that can clone people can create a huge army to destroy the whole world. This will be an army of emotionless man. Also, there are many issues in parenthood and judicial problems. It is essential to prevent human cloning while we can.

  • there is a lot of risk to get the perfect human clone

    It took 277 attempts to get a successful sheep (Dolly). If we try these hith humans, many human clones will be deformed, born with bad diseases or will miss a leg or an arm. The succesfull clone will probably going to have a very drastic life, it may be cloned by an adult so he or she will have a shorter lifetime, he or she will not have the same human rights and will be discriminated by society becuase people will consider him or her as an experiment, not as a normal human being that has feelings.

  • Wrong? Of Course!

    People want to use these clones as vessels to hold organs , what if these "clones" have feelings? What if these "clones" with feelings were the start of a new protest for new laws against cloning. You wouldnt create a human just to cut their life short because someone who wasnt born in a lab needs a heart?

  • It is wrong

    It is wrong because not everyone likes to be duplicated, yes they might think that it is very cool and interesting at first but that person could turn bad and take over you. They could want to turn into you and not everyone will be able to tell you apart from your clone. So that is why I don't think that cloning is a good think. Be an original not a copy :)

  • Yes Human Cloning is Right!

    Screw god, you can't force a religion on me that tells me what's right or wrong. We need to clone humans in order to progress as the human race! It's just like when people get all touchy on the subject of stem cells or abortion - your religion, not mine. If you don't like it to bad for you, we need to be able to create a person who is genetically identical to the person who was cloned. Think of all the uses the cloned body would have. If you needed a new set of lungs, well what do you know... A brand new set. These people would not be living, they would be vegetables who do not have a personality nor would they feel pain. We ned to boot morality out the door and focus on curing diseases that kill millions of people each year. If we had human test subjects that weren't 'living' we could solve problems faster! It's all of you softies that think it's inhumane. You want to know what I find inhuman, letting people in our own countries starve whilst we save those in Africa. Call me a monster but human cloning is the way to go and I'll stick by my argument till the day I die.

  • Too many physical errors occur.

    Dolly took 267 tries before she was made and she still had problems, and lived a much shorter life than all other sheep. There could also be overpopulation and a major shortage of food. This is a big problem for all humanity and the Government should ban it very soon.

  • God isn't real

    We are in charge of our own fates, so why would we leave it to chance? Hypothetically, if god gave us the disease, with today's modern science, he's giving us the chance to change it. Why would we leave life threatening diseases in the hands of some higher power when the cure is right in front of us?

  • Seriously? This is impossible!

    I don’t believe in it. Its not up to people to clone, only God can create life. You cannot reproduce a soul. It is impossible and the technology today wouldn’t be able to do it. Maybe one day they can complete the task of “cloning” it would just be a blob of skin because there wouldn't be a soul to control the body.

  • It is a right.

    It is a right that people of America should have. If someone has a failing heart they can reproduce them. If someone is hurting over a death, they can reproduce the child. It is smart and a futuristic idea. Right now it usually ends in failures but sooner or later it may just be another race in the world.

  • No, it isn't.

    I'm assuming that you are talking about therapeutic cloning, which is the process where you clone a human to get a human embryo so you can harvest stem cells so you can make organs and transplant those organs to people that need them. Of course this process kills the embryo. I view this like I view abortion, the embryo is not a person yet, not technically. They don't have any thoughts or experiences, they are living, but their life force, is nothing more than a flower or a blade of grass. And to kill a blade of grass so you can get an organ to save a life, is okay. Of course the cons to therapeutic cloning is how much it costs, but this debate is more about ethics than anything else, and killing a human embryo to save a life IS ethical.

  • It is not all about Religion

    Human cloning is not bad because it is purely for science, religion is a whole other topic then cloning because although I respect your religion and your beliefs, your statement isn't what I would call correct. Human cloning already happens naturally for all those people who don't know that. There is something called human twins, duh, they are technically under the category of cloning. So, it is naturally and religion shouldn't be pulled into pure science.


    It can save lives due to the possibility of cloning organs such as hearts. And any one with religious arguments (life is sacred don't play god etc etc.), shut up, okay? Religion is an excuse to justify the un-justifiable. And even then it is a bad excuse. If god has spoken to you...You have ADD and you're hearing things that aren't there. God speaking is a medical DISABILITY.

  • It is not wrong.

    It isn't certain that the clones will have the same personality as the original, and also it is not playing god because then wouldn't doctors also be playing god because they save lives and change fate that may not need to be changed. Doctors give drugs so that people feel better and could be saved.

  • Animals are equal to humans!

    Why isn't it right to hurt humans yet we can clone animals? It seems unfair as humans are NO better than any animal. We are all living and we were all brought to this earth so it seems unfair to use animals for our scientific experiments. Also, we could find out a lot more about humans if we actually cloned humans and not animals, I mean it seems kinda hypocritical.

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ShadowFall110 says2013-03-22T00:57:39.130
I think we should clone people for some things. Like if a scientist was on the verge of finding a cure for a deadly disease and then the scientist got a tumor and had like 3 months to live. Then you could create a clone for him/her and that person could show the clone what the person has been doing and finding out then the clone could finish the scientists work when the scientist dies. When the clone finishes you could get rid of them ( kill them ) so then history isn't changed that much. We shouldn't use clones to replace a dead family member, friend, or spouse because then there could be an out break and the clones could start pointless wars and arguments.
Anonymous says2013-04-05T17:27:28.710
I Dont believe Clonining is right. It is like playing god.
Anonymous says2013-04-26T18:09:46.897
If clones are made, then I believe many religious figures would dispute against it. I agree that cloning is not a good thing. Humans are not set for the role of controlling nature and genetics in a godly like position. This will only cause further problems in the world.
Quan says2013-06-10T13:39:52.563
It may end up being the only way for men to secure their parental rights. Though there is something very scary about the thought of asexual reproduction becoming the norm and humans beginning to evolve into a monogendered species without reproductive organs.
Pruiett-1 says2014-12-03T15:25:33.493
NO! Cloning
LuckyMuddypaw says2018-06-12T14:58:24.313
We are all made differently, so how would you like it if suddenly there were multiple of you, washboarding your value and the fact that you are your own person? Just like how a limited edition or exclusive item is more valuable than one that has billions of copies of itself throughout the world. We would become less like people and more like things, objects that can be replaced....

Is THAT how you want others to look at the value of YOUR life? That if something happens to you, they can just find a new one and forget about you??? NO!

Even pets are all special, and recognized for their uniqueness, because that is what we are drawn to, how they are different. If everyone had one of something, it would be looked at as disposable, not valued.

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