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  • Yes, he is.

    Captain america, besides thieving the name of an entire continent for just a single country, is a Marty Stu (a male Mary sue if you prefer, or someone who is too perfect to be a believable human being).
    Iron man, on the other side, is a more credible character. He has a personality, his own interests, like every other human being in the world. And he still manages to care about others well being. That is a real superhero, an not a robotic being who just cares about a single country, forgetting about the needy people in others. Or when will your dear "cap" be, during a whole movie, dealing with hunger in poorer countries, or doing social work, again, during a whole movie, in a country other than USA, and during peace times?

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Mechanical Genius VS medical experiment

    Before I begin lets take a look on how captain America came to be. He was selected to test a controversial drug, designed to increase human strength and senses. Before taking the drug Captain was just an ordinary American patriot. You could argue a similar point to Tony Stark, but strip both of what makes them heroes and you've got one small boy against a industrial millionaire, gambling expert, and expert smartass. Even when you strip them of their "powers" Tony still has an enormous advantage. Not to mention Iron Mans power suit absolutely dominates in ranged combat, with the added bonus of aerial combat Iron man would have Captain America on the ground before he even took a hit.

  • Suit says it all

    (sorry for copying), but really, iron man, in a cave with no tech, transformed into a giant lab which has way advanced tech all in a suit than cap america That's why I think Iron man is way better than captain America The Suit of iron man says it all

  • In a Cave! With A Box Of Scraps!

    Basically, although both are 'good' heroes in their own right, Iron Man is both more 'deserving' of the title of superhero, and is a more believable and realistic character. Captain America essentially *won* his super-heroism by being nice enough to 'earn' being a test candidate for a super-soldier project. Admittedly, his acts after that fact were pretty well deserving of a medal. Iron Man is a self made hero. He literally built his super-heroism in a Cave! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS! Using little more than his own intellect and engineering ability, he was able to go from... Top of the world billionaire playboy, to.... Closer to the top of the world billionaire playboy, who is also Iron Man.
    Much cooler origin, more realistic and believable character, better hero.

  • The suit says it all

    The only reasons I don't like captain america is:
    1. He has a shield but once he throws it then he can't get it back...So what if he throws it at a bad guy and the bad guy takes it away. There's no way he's getting it back
    2. He doesn't have an awesome suit :)
    3. His story was really.....Not all that impressive. I almost slept through the movie. It was a touching story but not all that action packed and it didn't really show off his powers/abilities all that well.

  • Iron Man is better!!

    Iron Man is cooler and fights better. Captain America didn't work his super heroism. Iron Man worked for is fame and makes the world a better place. Captain America is a successful science experience. Captain America was lucky enough to go through with the experience. Captain America was given/spoon fed his fame. That isn't fair. Iron Man is the better superhero.

  • Iron Man is well-armed and has a better ally

    Iron man has all sorts of weapons. He has repulsor beams, machine guns, and missiles that can penetrate tank armor. Captain America has a shield. Also, Iron man has the Iron Patriot who has a chain gun and anti-tank rockets. The Captain has some random guy with a machine gun to help him out.

  • Iron Man is better than Captain America

    Lets get straight to the details, Iron Man is a billionaire with a suit of armor that gives him strength, shoot weapons, and lets him fly, among other things. Captain America is a soldier who is really strong and has a good memory. It seems pretty clear to me that Captain America is not even close to being as good as Iron Man.

  • I'm not a fan of either, but...

    You can't really come up with a logical argument that supports Captain America being better than Iron man, there's just no way. Sure the Cap is a strong leader and all that, but Iron Man is a super genius and can destroy Captain America in a second.

    Like I said, I don't like either of them, but I still have a very strong opinion on this.

  • Iron Man is better

    Captain America is a guy on superhero steroids. Iron Man is a man in nanotech armor that he designed and built himself.
    Iron Man does not "hide" in his suit any more than Captain America "hides" behind his shield. Iron Man deserves full credit for his intelligence, His armor, And his arsenal of weapons. On the other hand, Steve did not come up with his super soldier serum, Nor did he create his indestructible shield.
    Yes, Iron Man is rich. That doesn't make him worse than Cap. With his money, He donates generously (as seen in Civil War) and also happens to be the guy who owns the entire Avengers tower. All their tech, The tower, Their resources, All of it comes from him.
    And Cap is just a Good Boy on steroids.
    Also, Don't forget that he made out with his dead girlfriend's niece.

    When it comes down to a fight, Cap has super strength, Super speed, And super durability. And a shield.
    Iron Man also happens to have super strength, Super speed, And super durability. On top of that, He has lasers that can cut through rock, Repulsor blasts, Tank missiles, And jet boots. That's not even taking into account his nanotech armor, Which gives him enough weaponry to make Thanos bleed.
    For those that think Cap would win because of his army training, Iron Man has an AI that allows him to analyze Cap's fight pattern, Making him almost undefeatable in a one-on-one.
    Iron Man is better.

    Posted by: peGu
  • Cap is better.

    Captain America has a much better attitude. He wasn't always antagonizing others like Iron Man. Further, Captain America was a strong leader and took his role in the Avengers seriously from the beginning, unlike Iron Man. Without his suit and his money, Tony Stark is nothing but a guy with a bad attitude.

  • Captain America is better

    Captain America is patriot of his country. His power is more natural and it's more serious. He makes everybody trust in his ability. And Chris Evans who play the part of Captain America is more handsome,stronger and serious . Robert D.J also good but when he was Sherlock Holmes he play this part better than here. Maybe someone tell that here he is funny but to me it's not important. Chris Evans I love you....

  • Captain America is awesome!

    Well, think about it...Captain America is a leader and plans attacks instead of impulsively going head on like Iron Man (which a lot people think is cool, but then lets face it thats how a lot of people get into trouble when they don't think)
    Also, without the suit, Iron Man is just a man...He does no special training like Batman (who lets face it is human aswell, but can still kick butt) and Captain America doesn't need a metallic suit to look strong. (Yes I know that Rogers was a science experiment, but then couldn't the same be said about Spider man being bitten by the radioactive spider, or Wolverine who had an operation on his whole skeletal system, or Banner when emitted to all that gamma radiation - this is how they got to be who they are now) whereas Iron Man had no special attributes its just a metal suit.
    Also he is called Captain America for a reason (for people who don't understand or think it's stupid, how about reading a comic or checking out why...Or better yet, watch the film (!)
    Captain America is way cooler and better that "Iron Man."

  • Captain America is the only hero that is 100% pure of heart.

    Cap is the greatest hero ever! For starters he is purely good! Steve Rogers was just an ordinary guy who wanted to fight for his country. He is the only hero who is just an ordinary dude. Not a millionaire or some super genius. Like spiderman, he got his powers by chance really. Iron Man has millions of dollars of course he can afford to make himself into a hero. Cap on the other hand is amazing because he is a true hero on the inside as well as physically. GO CAPTIAN AMERICA!!!!!

  • Captain America tho

    He would win on friends alone. People would back him up, they wouldn't leave him out to dry. People would risk their lives defending Cap, but would anyone really do it for Tony, i think not. All his friends are his friends through blackmail or similar ideologies (with the exception of Richard Reed) so they might help him, but would ditch him if things got serious.

  • Captain America is better because he is able to do stuff without tech

    Lets face it, if Tony was stuck against captain America with out his suits and gadgets, as captain amercia without his stuff, and to fight, Captain America would kick Tony's butt. Tony became iron man because of his suits and stuff. Steve Rogers? He became Captain America because he was fighting Nazis and the axis powers and he didn't have any thing except his shield. Tony- born into a good, has money family. Steve- born into a poor family, orphan, weak, small in shape. The back stories are what matter, HOW did they become what they are

  • Iron Man is a great flawed hero. Cap is just a great hero full stop.

    Captain America is the embodiment of the American Ideal, an ideal we fought hard to project and defend in WWII, which then eroded away over the course of the next 60 years in the name of security and fear.

    Cap was the greatest hero of an era when we as a country were at our most heroic. His super power isn't his strength, speed, or his shield. It is his values, his integrity, and his willingness to the right thing - and to lead and inspire these virtues in others.

    Take the computer operator who refused to launch Project Insight on "Captain's Orders". When the world around him devolved into chaos, and the people he worked for and trusted turned out to be evil, there was one thing he could count on - Captain America wants me to do the right thing. And even facing immediate death, the tech was steadfast in his resolve.

    That is the power of Cap, and Iron Man doesn't even come close.

  • Iron man sucks

    Captain America has so many good quality's he doesn't need armour or money all he need is his shield and his suit and prepared to fight iron man is a snob a jerk. He may be smart but without all of the gadgets he wouldn't be able to last a day. If captain America had a bet to see who could last the longest iron man wouldn't be able to last 5 minutes

  • Captain America is the leader of the Avengers because he is the best person for the job, unlike Iron Man.

    Look at Iron Man, he's a selfish narcissist, who's admitted that he hates working with people (you can't lead a team if you don't want to work with the members), who's own selfish tendencies have lead to conflict with his own best friend and love interest. Now Iron Man has matured over the course of his career, but he's still a naturally selfish person, he lacks the necessary qualities to lead a group, (there was even a point in the comics when the Avengers voted him off the team because of certain amoral actions). His selfish qualities would cause conflict among the team members and would ultimately lead to the team splitting up.

    Now let's look at Captain America. First of all, out of all the member he has the most team experience, having lead his own strike team the Invaders during WWII on several missions against Hydra and the Nazi regime. He proved himself to be a brilliant strategist (having been able to come up with numerous plans for any situation), and showed the ability to inspire loyalty in even the most rebellious soldier. He is completely unselfish and willing to listen and work with others. Captain America is the leader of the Avengers because he is the best person for the job.

  • It depends on what you mean by "better".

    If by "better" you mean nobler or braver, then Captain America is better than Ironman, definitely. Cap runs into battles and fights with only his suit and his shield. Ironman essentially hides behind a protective and powerfully dangerous suit. If by "better" you mean more realistic or familiar, then Ironman wins by a long shot. He's extremely imperfect, making him a much more realistic character. He's generally rude and uppity. However, both Cap and Ironman are prepared to sacrifice themselves to protect the world (we've seen proof of this in both the first Captain America movie for Cap and the Avengers for Stark. However, Captain America is, in general a "stronger" character. He lost his love and his time period, which is an extremely traumatic experience, and he didn't lose it like Stark did after the Avengers in Ironman 3. Personally, I prefer Cap because I like his story and his character better.

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beizanten says2014-05-04T09:01:40.240
Iron Man is better than captain america. I mean I agree steve is a great man with a great personality but his power was underwhelming compare to most superhero and villain.

Tony stark a great man. People blame him for making weapon but the truth is the only reason he make weapon is to protect american, obie is the one who dealing under the table. Tony blame himself when his only mistake is that he trust his father figure to much. He risk his life over and over again.

He did more than any avengers even steve, he make weapon and armor for them, donate money to help people-even when he sell weapon the maria stark foundation did a lot of good- he sponsor the avenger and upgrade shield equipment. He work hard to fund the avenger. Then there is the clean energy thing

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