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Is it acceptable to steal £10 of your friend for a hypothetical holiday costing £10,000 for yourself and anyone but not your friend?

Asked by: Tommy.leadbetter
  • In their shoes

    If I was the one being stolen from, I would be glad my friend did it. They and anouther person can have a joyous vacation for such a small cost to me. A lot depends upon the relationship you have with your friend. Now a stranger, that would be a different story.

  • There are better ways

    You could slightly let him know that you need money or play the old I do not have my wallet trick. Or you could be bold and tell him to pay you.
    Stealing is not right and if you get caught you will lose a friend and be caught red handed. Either ways do you want a friend that steals from you? Or that you have to check your valuables when they are around.

  • It is not right to steal in ANY case

    At the end of the day, stealing is stealing whether £1 or £100; no form of stealing is acceptable.
    Your argument might be: he doesn't need the £10, he can afford to live without it. Well, I would say that whether he needs it or not is irrelevant, because think of this; when you rob a bank, you are not robbing a lot compared to the amount of money the bank has but you still get jailed for it.
    Next to clear up is that it wouldn't be right to steal from them, even if he is attending the holiday. If you want £10 from him, the best option is to just ask him.
    (Just to clarify, I am not being 'sexist' by using "he", it is simply the term I am using in this instance)

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