• Yes and i'm a female;

    I was raised to believe that the man is the absolute power and authority in the household. If we as woman do something wrong then it is acceptable to hit us, even if its for the smallest of things like leaving the toilet seat down. The bible states that we are property and we are to treat our husbands and boyfriends as our owners and or master which means that if we do something wrong we are to be punished.

  • Definitely a big YES.

    I'm a guy and i would definitely kick a woman's ass under a number of circumstances. And I'm not against being e gentleman, i didn't grow up in the ghetto and i must have hit women once or twice in my life. I wasn't proud of it but it was the only way i could avoid being kicked and insulted. A woman is genetically weaker than a man, so any harm you want to inflict you should consider that before you fight back. So say this: if i insult a woman and she slaps me over the face that's OK. I was an ass i deserved it. Other than that i see no reason why a girl should hit a guy period. If you hit me like a woman i understand and i move off. But if you hit me with an ash tray... Or throw a blunt object at me, or hit me with your fist. Than i will take you head on like a man. I will kick your ass all over the place. I never EVER hit a girl that didn't hit me first, no matter how pissed i was. And yes, the dude who said don't throw stones from your glass house was absolutely correct in his statement. If you see a guy that's like twice your size, maybe you think he's an idiot right, but you respect his power and either make friends or let him be. But if you're out there making smart remarks and insulting the dude than you're asking for it. Especially if he didn't provoke you. So beware ladies, you might think you can get away with everything just because you're women, but 76 percent of people don't agree. ;)

  • What makes it any less okay to hit a woman over a man?

    If you say that a woman is physically inferior, you're being sexist. What if a bodybuilder woman came up to an obese, nonathletic male and assaulted him? Would the situation still be worse if the genders were reversed? I thought people wanted equal rights, not a matriarchy. I thought that's what feminism was all about.

  • If it has to do with cheating, it is okay.

    The only way I would hit a girl is that, or if they start the fight. Unless it's my girl. But if they cheat on me I might walk away. But if they're going to cheat on their husband or boyfriend that loves them to pieces they deserve to get punched or smacked across the face because it is just so hurtful. That or if they're trying to get me from my girlfriend or wife.

  • Violence is Violence.

    We live a in a stupid society. The tolerance that the a lot of people preach is only one-sided. Violence is wrong. Why are we so divided? Men are human as well. When women hit men, it is not right either and it is not fair. Why are people so quick to tell what a real man should and should not do? Yet, they never talk about what a real woman should and should not do. When a woman attacks a man physically first, she has no right to become a victim. We live in a society that promotes violence to men. It is not right. Women need to held accountable, if you cannot articulate how you feel without resorting to violence then you have a serious problem. Women need to be taught about self-control.

  • What happened to equality?

    If a girl is in my face screaming at me, even for a dumb reason, I would want nothing more than to smack her. However, I probably wouldn't even do that to a guy. But if there was a situation where a lady would go crazy on me and begin assaulting me in front of my kid or assaulting my loved one, I wouldn't hesitate to teach her some manners. Realize that part of equality comes with a price. You wanna act like a man, then I'll treat you like a man.

  • Look at the question

    Is it EVER acceptable? Yes, especially if you HIT me.
    1. If a man is stronger, than DON'T TOUCH HIM. Would I go hit a UFC fighter and say, you can't touch me, I am weaker?
    2. Sometimes violence is necessary. You want proof? Some women get annoyed at you, and keep hitting you if you walk away.
    3. You are still a "man." Who cares about what some random white knight thinks? Do you wake up in the morning to please them? No. Let them think they can snap a man's neck when they want to. Yes because they will just stand there and let you do that. Typing it in a keyboard and doing it are different.
    4. Just use common sense. I am not saying decking the women, I am saying using enough force.

  • Only under strict conditions.

    My parents both instilled in me the great sense of honour in how men treat women. Because most domestic violence incidents involve the male partner as the aggressor, my mother made it very clear to me that hitting a girl/woman was never acceptable. My father shares my mothers sentiments. In almost forty years of marriage, he has never once struck her. But, in saying this, the debate did come up on time in college while at lunch with my classmates, and one guy shared my opinion, but added that one had to be cautious, because such a value potentially weakens or endangers a man if he ever found himself dating or marrying a conniving woman. He stated, and I agree'd with him, that for the most part "it is unacceptable for a man to hit a woman. The ONLY times when it is allowed are, 1. After she has struck him 3 times across the face during the same dispute. 2. After she has struck him once in the genitals. 3. If neglecting to do so endangers his life."

  • If he's hit or threatened first.

    Simply, the idea that women are somehow 'just different' to men with regards to how physical violence should be construed is pathetic. First of all, a lot of women are more than strong enough to beat a man senseless, and take a decent hit. A lot of men aren't strong enough to seriously hurt anyone by hitting them. Nobody should ever initiate physical force on another person, but in cases of self-defense the genders of the victim and the perpetrator really do not matter one bit. Adult women are just as mature as adult men, and are just as capable of threatening, attacking and injuring others as men are. They should face the exact same consequences for their actions as men do, and the idea that they should get a 'free pass' from being hit when a man in the exact same situation would be, simply because of their gender, is pathetic and sexist.

  • Equality works both ways

    This propaganda about men cannot hit women is a big fat lie. It all started by someone or a group of people pushing for more equality but think about today's word . How is that equality people but people accept that because they don't want to get ratted out. People grow a spine. Since when are women superior to men and men are superior to women

  • A male who hits a woman isn't a true male ...

    It really breaks my heart seeing it's ok for 71% of people it's ok to hit a woman ... Some of you are talking about self defense, are you serious or is joke ? YOu men know perfectly than you could prevent a woman from moving and hurting you since you are phyically superior ! Using self defense is beeing a coward !

  • It's Wrong To Hit Women

    I have read all of the blogs, I'm a 30 year old female, I don't agree that it is acceptable for men to hit women, if a man were to hit a woman the power ratio is very unequal. Many of you mentioned that there are women weighing 200 pounds plus. There are trials that prove no matter how much a woman weighs it has no relevance on her strength. If a man hits a woman (no matter her size) it is the equivalent of a woman hitting a 10 year old child. The guys trying to justify hitting a woman and hiding behind the "SELF DEFENSE" act. Rubbish. If I were ever to consider hitting a man it would be in self defense. But his power would probably render me unconscious. So guys, man up and stop the abuse.

    And equal rights is mentioned constantly not even understanding what women want with equal rights. We want equal rights in pay, as statistically women doing the same work as men get paid a percentage less. That is what we are fighting for, not so you can use that as a green flag to justify your aggression!!

  • No...NEVER

    He is stronger...point blank period....I don't even understand how someone people think a male has the right to EVER put hands on another female. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER should a male hit a woman.... I am disappointed to look and see that 74% is totally okay with a male putting his hands on a female. It just breaks my heart.

  • Self-defense...are you kidding me?

    Haven't you people learned anything in school? It doesn't matter who starts what, you're both in trouble for fighting period. Its never right for anyone to hit anybody. Its against the law! Nine times out of ten the man goes to jail even when the woman started it; you know why? Because she is all beat up and he isn't! Just because a woman hits you automatically there is your excuse to beat her up. She couldn't do that to you if she tried! Believe me I've tried! You men make me sick with your egos. If you can't love women for what they are and embrace them then do us a favor and be gay! Go beat on your boyfriends you sissies!


    It is not ignorant to say men are stronger than women. It is a scientific fact that men have greater strength on a whole than women. Men are brought up to be more physical and to wrestle and fight. Generally, most cultures including America do not as a society promote women to learn fighting skill like boys do at an early age. I actually believe that would be better to train boys and girls how to defend themselves early on. But that is not the case. There is absolutely no reason that a man should hit a woman. People have confused equal treatment under the law to mean all are equal. A law does not change the fact that most incidence of domestic abuse are caused by the men being the aggressor. And also, defending yourself does not require you to hit someone else. You can block, grab, and push someone aside in order to remove yourself from a violent situation. All of you who say that it's ok to hit a woman should feel very bad...and you are the reason why their is still such a high amount of abuse in this country.

  • No way, ever!

    No man has the right to put his hands on a woman. I don't care if she's a bodybuilder and he's skinny and anorexic. I can't believe so many people think it is okay. You people are crazy. I don't care what a woman does, no male should put his hands on her.

  • Men that are ignorant.

    This is from a guys point of view, it is never ever ok to hit a women ever. Doesn't matter what the circumstance or reason is never. They will always be a girl I don't care if there in a bad mood or not there still a girl. If you say yes it's ok that's not right ignorance. A girl is a girl

  • Newtons 3rd Law

    And men wonder why women are bitches! True story, I grew up with a mother that was an EXTREME man-hater. So rather than follow her lead, I decided, “You know what. I will not be like my mother. I am going to enter teen-hood and, subsequently, adulthood with no preformed delusions about men.” And I TRULY entered into the world with an extreme optimism regarding men and their intentions. Years later, I have become jaded, cold and callous as a direct result from men like these, those who are clicking YES, and having some smart*** comment about women deserving to be hit and whatever other demeaning comment your simple brains can muster up. Get with the program guys. I don’t mean to be the one to break it to you, but we have surpassed the 1950’s. Women are outdoing, outperforming, and outsmarting men. Point blank. And if you’d like to challenge that, I’d urge you to do your research first. So the next time a woman is “going crazy on you”, let us think about how your selfish, ignorant, simple-minded behavior may have contributed to her behavior. Like Newton so beautifully put: “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Just physics. Have wonderful lives! Thank-you.

  • The women clicking "yes" have clearly never been beaten by a man with true strength.

    Things will be lost like your trust in men, hearing, or even a bit of your tongue. It's usually not a fair fight by any means. I'm taller and stronger than most women and my brother can still toss me around the room like a plastic bag. The excuse he uses is that I push him first and equal rights, even if hes the one provoking. I would say its okay to pin down someone who's trying to cause you great harm or maybe even slap a person who really needs it, but beating the daylights out of a woman is never okay.

  • No never ok to hit a woman (period).

    A man doesnt really know his strength and when he uses it that one time when he's hitting a woman he might end up killing her. Think about this, would you ever hit your mother. The answer should already be no so that already indicates that you shuold not hit a woman. Women are like red apples soft, sweet and easily brused. Don't you EVER lay your hand on a woman you should have enough sence where you can do a self defease move and not hurt her. A woman was hit by her husband and she fell and hit her head on the edge of the counter and died, do you think thats ok. The husband went to jail because of that do you want to do the same? Think about it.

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Anonymous says2013-03-16T02:58:16.587
Imagine a mother sends her husband and child on an errand. They encounter a crazed woman with a weapon, who chases the child, who is unable to outrun her. The people who answered "no" would have him stand by and watch the child get butchered. Anyone care to guess which political party most of these "no" voters are registered to?
cybertron1998 says2013-03-24T16:16:42.897
anonymous is right none of the no voters considered self defense
Anonymous says2013-04-01T13:08:24.457
Self defense is universal. If my life is threatened, you are going down. Not saying a punch or a slap in the face is life threatening, but if my instinct (fight or flight response) tells me I am about to be seriously hurt or killed, she is going down.
Anonymous says2013-04-12T11:38:02.687
I Think It Depends On The Situation If You Are In A Threaten Situation Then Of Cause You Have To Defend Yourself Some Woman Can Take The Don't Ever Hit A Woman As A Free Ticket To Just Do Whatever They Feel Which I Think Is Wrong ...... But If On The Other Hand They Just Getting Abused That Is 100% Wrong.
Anonymous says2013-05-13T14:40:43.607
With anything, it's subjective. And, like anything, the response should fit the provocation; should you hit someone for yelling at you? No. You're perfectly capable of walking away from a situation. But, honestly, if someone slaps you? Slap them back. But, really, you'd do more harm to them by silently walking away than giving them an excuse to act like a victim. And if you're with someone whose routinely hitting you - male or female - reevaluate your priorities, why are you there to begin with? And, honestly, for those people with the absurdly self-righteous notion of non-aggression toward women...It has it's time and place. What world do any of you come from that you believe a woman can not hurt a man? We are pre-disposed to be physically stronger, and you're right we should take responsibility for that and be careful in normal circumstances. Men, however, are not invulnerable. We die when we are shot, stabbed, or hit over the head with blunt objects. So do women. While I praise someone for saying they'll "never do it", it's easy to say that until you have something to lose - and if someone's flailing at you with a knife, a club, or in any way trying to rob you of your functionality of life...If the first thing going through your head is "does it have a pair of tits"? And not "I'm going to live through this, no matter what", I hope you come to the realization that certain moral responsibilities have their time and place. And this goes for women, too. If you turn words to actions, you are escalating a scenario. You are responsible for that. And if the person hits you back in equal measure, no more or less, you've earned that consequence. If someone, however, tries to hurt you - seriously hurt you - you should not think "I'm a woman", you should think "I'm a human being, and whether this sack of meat has a stick or a slit, I will not abide by it". Whether that's leaving the situation, making certain they are punished for undue harm, or gnashing and fighting with everything you have to make certain you walk away from that situation it's the only thing that should be going through your mind. Life's a beautiful thing until someone steps on it, and you've all "male or female, and those of unspecified gender" have got the right to it without having some sack of meat abusing you verbally or physically.
Anonymous says2013-06-01T14:18:42.023
I'm actually quite shocked at the amount of 'yes' votes. "Having equal rights" is not the same as "Giving someone else the right to hit you." I don't think anyone, whether they are a woman or a man, should hit anyone else. Plain and simple. The only time I would say it is okay is either to protect someone else (e.G. A child that could get the brunt of an attack) or in self-defense.
Quan says2013-06-04T18:24:46.483
The genders are supposedly equal now. So your question is really "Is it ever acceptable for a person to hit a person?" Ideally, no. Realistically, yes, but only in self defense.
Anonymous says2013-06-14T16:51:27.213
You would never say never if you were on the receiving end of the ferocity of an athletic raging woman. Not every man is a physical beast and net every woman is a frail princess. Violence is never the solution, but human nature being what it is, it can not be totally eradicated.
Quan says2013-06-27T16:36:58.287
I like how women suddenly acknowledge their physical inferiority, but only while it's convenient for them to do so. The same people will turn around and argue that woman have a higher pain tolerance and that they're just as good as men, if not better. Get your stories straight.
Anonymous says2013-07-20T13:44:08.247
I think society has taken a unrealistic twist on this message. Basically, all the people that voted yes says it's okay to hit a woman because she did something to deserve it. I wonder how old all of you guys and gals are. On the other hand you have people saying No, it's not okay. Does anyone stop to think of the tension and stress and emotional upset one can put another through? If a man comes home one night after he'd been drinking and provokes a fight and the woman repeatedly tells him she doesn't want to fight or she had a bad week and wants to talk about it another time but he keeps on and on. Finally, he yells some craziness in her face and she slaps the mess out of him. Is it then okay for him to attack her with much force? A slap does not equate to an attack (pulling hair, squeezing her face, pushing against the wall while hitting her head against it) no matter who's on the receiving end of it. We are displaying messages to our younger generations and it is seriously sad.
Maxone42 says2013-08-20T19:38:05.317
So what are you telling us , that nowadays when women are so aggressive and obnoxious and eager to punch a man , if I'm attacked by a woman or a group of women , or if a girl punches me out of the blue because I looked at her , I'm not allowed to hit her??? I'd knock the s*** out of her. We men respect women much more than we did 20-30-50-100 years ago and that's OK , it is the way it should be. It just seems that the more we respect them the more they disrespect us. I live in New York City and do not even get me started on this subject. Teen girls punching grown up men in the subways and laughing and running away , and insulting guys and looking for reasons to start a fight??? In these days and age , considering what an obnoxious , inconsiderate , shameless , vicious beast the woman became (not all but many... Too many) , YES I DO think it is MORE than acceptable to hit a woman.
Anonymous says2013-09-05T11:32:49.480
It's illegal for both men and women to hit each other, so there is no yes or no answer. It wrong for everyone, unless someone protecting themselves or others from serious harm, then sure it's ok. But not for petty things like taunting, or whatever. I'm going to say an overall no, let the law sort them out if a man or a woman decides to assault you. Spitting on someone is illegal too, they get arrested on the spot regardless of gender, part of the law. Oh, and, don't feel bad about it; the aggressor is at fault, not you.
TheInterlang says2013-09-21T04:34:57.217
You shouldn't hit anyone unless they try to rob you or kill you. Period.
someonewithsense22 says2013-11-25T19:07:28.560
I think it's wrong to hit ANYONE, However No one is Perfect, This World has Not Exactly Chosen world peace as of yet, Therefore Many Things that are wrong or not right Happen BUT for a reason, even if it is for the WRONG reasons. I think if WOMEN are HITTING MEN, then MEN can hit WOMEN, (Though Personally i wouldn't hit my Girlfriend if i had one) I think it's wrong that women hide behind the fact that they are a WOMAN to wind the man up on PURPOSE so he STRIKES them so they can press charges or making him shout a lot (as men do) to make it seem he is apparently Violent. Everyone on this planet is not a gender but a soul, a Consciousness That Experiences Reality. They choose what gender they want to be before they go in there body which is a suit or even a mode of Transport. (so you can interact on earth) so Hiding behind there Gender Is actually Pointless. Yes MEN might be STRONGER, but COME ON isn't that STEREOTYPING. They not all exactly Bruce lee. I have seen MEN cower behind there wives, there is nothing really out there for MEN who can Battered by there wives as it's deemed just laughable and all the men laugh at . They think just be a MAN and GROW UP. Just dump her or something, but some men can't let go, as far as i am concerned it seems that the Majority of Men fall in LOVE much deeper than a woman unless the woman is not dating a man of course Like a Jeep or something... Most other women make it bad for other women giving men a bad name... I stick by the proverb , some women (if not all) are worse than men !!! I would have a lot more to say but i have not used this site before so i am just gonna submit...
someonewithsense22 says2013-11-25T19:30:24.830
Ok Maybe i just say a tiny bit more.. When i was younger i asked my MOTHER to REPAIR the TV CONTROLS because they was not working cause they all fallen apart. I awoke her in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT because i really NEEDED THE TV ON , i had nothing ELSE. And YES i wasn't Tired. I couldn't sleep and the fridge was EMPTY. So i went in and she seemed friendly and repaired them. Next day before i even Opened my EYES i heard marching up the stairs and thought who is that ??? It was my Uncle he flung my door open and appeared MAD as MAD. HE was making threats at me tho he isn't a violent man. Saying he will smash my face in with a sledge hammer and all the rest of it. It boiled down to him THINKING i HIT my mother Yesterday and i had NO IDEA WHAT HE WAS TALKING ABOUT. I said no (the only thing i could think of was flinging the controls on my mothers bed nowhere near her face) he claimed i punched her in the face. My mother suffers from Arthritis by the way. (and it wasn't long after her mothers death) a year later. So it appears because she lost her mother she didn't care anymore and went the extra mile by winding him up which could have done more harm than good. My mother just wanted to feel all big and happy about it.. She also likes winding up 2 people to have ago at each other and then come between them and start playing peacemaker and laughing too herself. And uses her illness as excuses for lots of things... So it just goes to show how people can play on things and how people will always go on sides depending on what they are... Such as old or a woman etc... I also have Neighbour Problems with some 86 yr old woman.. Who suffers from senile dementia Undiagnosed. She use to keep knocking my door saying i am singing thru the walls which i DO NOT SING.. TO SHY... EVEN TO MYSELF. PROBABLY CAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE HER. But if this case ever went to court they would take her side cause she is old. But as i say DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER, some crafty people out there . Old women can be witches, they just grow old. Same with pedophiles or anything along those lines. Just cause they grow old don't make them innocent, however innocent till proven guilty.
phantom says2014-02-14T04:00:15.057
These are hilarious.
ButtarKupp says2014-04-08T02:49:04.683
The only time it is acceptable for a man to hit a female is if the female is attempting to injure/kill the man. Weapon(s) must be involved. Guns, chemicals. If the woman is arguing/cursing the man then the man should just walk the Hell away! Simple as that!!!
jaksunmadness says2014-04-09T11:13:51.963
Only white knights and manginas subscribe to the idea that men are not supposed to hit women at any given situation
jaksunmadness says2014-04-19T02:14:54.707
If you agreed that women should play in men's sports then you should know your answer here...
schachdame says2014-06-10T00:44:03.137
This thing is so messy and angry that I honestly think I should have never tried to think about that reasonably.
PI2007 says2015-05-03T17:55:58.270
If a woman attacks you especially with a weapon a man should have a right to defend himself. If a man has to check a disrespectful woman who can't be checked verbally then I see nothing wrong with slapping her or giving her a kick in her backside. I don't advocate disciplining her by beating her with closed fists to the face except in extreme circumstances. The reason women and children are so out of line and disrespectful today is because you can't physically discipline them. Of course there is a big difference between physically disciplining them and physically abusing them. I also believe it is better to dismiss a woman if you feel you have to hit her. A lot of women will walk all over a man if she believes he will never physically chastise her no matter what wrong she does to him. Every woman will test a man and if he doesn't stand up to that test she will make his life miserable and have no respect for him. Same with children. It is way better to not to have to use physical chastisement but it should be a rare option but nonetheless a option. I am not recommending this as I don't want to see people go to jail. That is another thing if a woman calls the police on you then you should cut her out of your life. Some women will call the police and lie. They will say there man hit them when he didn't just to get him locked up because she is mad about something. Do I feel some women deserve to get their ass kicked? Hell yeah but I don't want a woman like that. There are plenty of women that will respect you and the thought of wanting to strike them will never enter your mind. Men who are just sick and like to hit women or kids because they want a defenseless punching bag need to be beaten to a pulp. But this is different from physically disciplining someone.
M4Sherman says2015-09-20T02:44:53.700
Just going to say this now. What gives a woman the right to hit a man on any occasion yet a man can hit her back? It's not like you can choose your gender when you're born. Do you really want men to regret being someone they can't even help being? Why can't men hit women on any occasion yet women can hit them? For what reason is this okay? You might argue that men are stronger, but wait, women are strong as well.
powerpsi says2015-09-23T22:36:22.090
Naturally men are stronger than women so it is very irresponsible to strike a woman with fists or with your feet.

But there isn't a single woman on this earth who is above a good, hard slap across the face. If she's done some unforgivable BS, like cheat on you, steal from you, hurt your family, or some other evil nonsense, then slap her good and hard across the face so she never forgets not to mess with you again.

A slap across the face is not going to permanently hurt her and she won't be in danger from the slap. It will hurt her, yes. A man can slap a woman harder than a woman could ever hope to slap a man. But even the strongest man delivering a slap to the tiniest woman will not cause permanent damage or put her health in danger. She will just get slapped really hard, so hard that maybe she will fall to the ground and her cheek will turn purple.

Nothing wrong with slapping a woman if she deserves it. Leave a bruise on her to remind her. It's perfect beacuse women care so much about how their face looks like, that the remnants of a slap will serve as a reminder to not cheat on you again.

So yes, slapping a woman is perfectly fine. I'd like to hear from someone, anyone why slapping is out of the question. I mean a slap is not dangerous or deadly in any way, shape or form. Women can slap men, men can slap women. In a perfect world no one would try to hurt one another, but it happens. And when the time comes to get physical, a slap is much more acceptable than throwing punches.

A man that throws punches at a woman is no man. Just give her a good hard slap to get your message across.
kitloin says2016-02-15T21:21:10.583
Ugh MOST (NOT all) woman are sexist. And the sexist ones are usually stupid... Like this: imagine you encountered a bodybuilder just mindin his own buisiness. Would you hit him? Makes sence right?
kitloin says2016-02-15T21:25:58.770
Anonamous's post o]on july 20th is true now my friend's children think that it is not ok even in self defence...
kitloin says2016-02-18T12:22:54.930
Some girls dont have the "oh he is bigger and stronger than me better not mess with him" person in their brain
JerretWhyzer says2016-10-21T03:00:07.847
Nobody should hit anyone. Why should a man live his life being hit just because he has a few more muscles. 40% of domestic violence victims are men, women have to stop thinking they are entitled to hit men. I repeat nobody should hit anyone
caresaboutpeople46 says2018-02-12T17:31:15.500
And a real woman doesn't hit a man. It is wrong on both sides. Part of the problem is we have made this into a male or female issue. It is an issue for both genders.
Femaleuser says2018-04-07T14:01:31.450
To all men here, your input would be much appreciated - how can a man choose to inflict heavy physical harm on his woman he professes to care about and protect, in an argument which he normally instigates himself with demands about being served and catered to 24/7 and politely being told no which he then takes to raised tones level and name calling so as to get the same back and use it as an excuse to start the punches? When instead he could have just learned to accept 'no' for an answer or just leave to cool down.
Femaleuser says2018-04-07T14:09:18.307
My hopefully soon to be ex says that he beats me because he can to impose his will on me and in reality he can, because the times I called the police on him they needed proof of my bruises not being self inflicted such as a third witness which most domestic violence situations do not cater for. He also supports me financially.

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