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Is it fair that women footballers who play in the WSL, earn on average £26,752 a year, whilst men in the Premier League earn £2.64m?

Asked by: BrendanW24
  • Mens football is more popular

    Mens' football is much, much, much more popular than women's football. Therefore, the men's soccer industry is larger and makes more money. This in turn leads to each team in men's football making more. This finally leads to each man getting payed a lot more than each woman in football.

  • Is very yes

    Simply put, women's soccer is overshadowed by men's soccer to a very large degree. Men's soccer players get much more international recognition than women's soccer players, and it seems like only the US cares about it. It makes sense that women would be paid less- women in soccer aren't noticed by most people

  • Women should be paid based on the income from the team.

    Does the average company director automatically earn the same as a director at microsoft, BP, Or ICI? No, Because their company doesn't bring in the same revenue. It has Nothing to do with hours worked, Or effort put in it's just economics, And supply and demand. The fact is the women's game generates a tiny fraction of what the man's game brings in. This is for a very good reason. The quality of women's football at the moment is very average. For example look at the goalkeepers, Every game there are frankly embarrassing errors of judgement. You can actually see better quality football in the amateur unpaid men's game than in the women's top fligh. I'm not being sexist here, It's just a fact. The quality is improving and therefore the potential is there to raise more interest and money but there are no shortcuts. At the moment in so many areas women seem to want preferential treatment just because they are women. I think this is actually insulting and patronising to those women who identify where they are skilled, Work hard, And get paid accordingly based on demand for their ability.

  • Men generate more.

    If a man generates $5million and a woman generates $50k, it makes sense that the man will walk away with more money, as he generated more.

    The fact of the matter is the majority of people would prefer to watch physical sports such a s football or hockey when men play, as it's more exciting - fast paced, hard hitting, etc. And this obviously means more money is generated toward the more viewed demographic.

  • It is fair.

    The disparity in the popularity of the two leagues is so great that the Premier League is considered a whole separate game from the women's. England football star Lucy Bronze said, “We’ll never get to the heights of men’s football. I think that’s so far in the distance." There just aren't enough people watching and enough sponsors to support the WSL. And the skill level of the players are on completely different levels. Of course, 27000 pounds is a bit small of a wage for a professional league player, but to compare it to the wages of players in the Premier League, one of the top football leagues in the world that attracts the best of the best in the world, is an insane thing to do.

  • Women footballers deserve more pay!

    Women footballers deserve more money. Although I believe there are reasons why men earn a significant amount more, I do believe the average wage for women is way too low. And I would feel harshly treated if I was a WSL footballer. Look how the girls performed at the WC!

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