Dying is MEGA GAY and it's really easy to avoid like bro just KEEP BREATHING DUHH simplest sh*t in the world idk why yall have a hard time I'm just laughing at yall failing life and if u don't think its funny watch this vid it's VERY FUNNY https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=JwujErZkIYA If you don't watch it then you have no

  • Imagine dying lmao

    Only cringelords die like f*cking losers. Like just don't die. Is it that hard? Oh NOoOoOo i'm tied to a rope. Get out of the rope fool. Then go eat your owner alive as he wronged you and 100% deserves it. But yeah, Just don't die. I swear people these days are just too sensitive.

  • I don't think its funny

    Why would it be funny that animals are dying? Imagine if you had a sibling locked up in a cage with nothing, Would you think its funny then?
    Animals are needed in this world (Example Deers) if we didnt have them our world could underpopulate because of loss of food.

  • No, It's not to me.

    I cry for the animals stuck in these hell houses built by humans that don't think twice, Humans that don't know that they are animals too, Humans that think that animals don't have feelings. We should all be happy for the people that are caring for animals, But instead, We just say that we love animals on the internet forgetting the fact that we actually ate animals in our past.

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