• It is yummy and gives you energy

    It is good to drink coffee because it tastes good and gives you energy. I drink coffee almost every day, And it has improved my performance in school because I am not falling asleep in every class. It also tastes really good, Which helps places like Starbucks and Wake Up Call stay in business.

  • I don't think so!

    I do NOT drink coffee, Not even a tiny sip. I think coffee is gross and has a very bad aftertaste. But this is not the point that I'm making.

    First of all, Drinking coffee excessively can lead to caffeine addiction. I've seen people do this kind of thing many times. It's not normal at all, As it brings great repercussions to our health (e. G. Heart disease) and social well-being.

    Plus, Drinking too much coffee can lead you to sleep difficulty. You definitely don't want to get yourself into having insomnia in the long-term.

    I will stay away from coffee if I am you. * My Opinion *.

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