• This is a lie

    Veganism is bad, You can't get vitamin B12, Blokes! We also need to control animal population and if we don't continue to enslave them, They would enslave us! It will be another dawn of the apes. = but in real life. Also, It is our duty as humans to kill and destroy everything else.

  • Yes it is

    It is healthy for people and Americans and guys and girls to become healthy and all people around the world 🌎 should become vegetarian 🌱 ok 👍 you meat eaters need to stop eating meat and become vegetarian 🌱 so yeah my final answer is yes ok good bye 👋

  • Yes it is healthy

    Veganism includes many food groups that when combined with certain other foods can make a complete protein. For example, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the peanut butter has most of the protein and then the wheat in the bread has some as well, and so does rice and beans. Vegans do need to take a b12 supplement, since b12 cannot be obtained from plants anymore, but other than that being vegan actually has more benefits, such as having lower harmful cholesterol that can prevent some diseases.

  • Of course it is

    Obviously it can be if the person ensures that their body recives the right amount of nutrients needed to thrive. I don't see why not, it is after all your body and your decision. I am not vegan, however I know friends who are actoivr individuals that are also vegans. They definitely need to eat the right amount of calories and of course they must get enough protein (which everyone loves to claim vegans may not get enough of) and the lifestyle of Veganisim seems to work great for them.

  • Yes, it is.

    A correct and balanced vegan diet can improve your health. You cut the meet, eggs and dairy products, that have a lot of hormones(do you know how much estrogen does a cub need to grow up to it's maximum weight?), cholesterol and more, and eat balanced nutrition based on vegetables, fruits and legumes.

  • Get rid of processed food/sodium

    I do not agree that the only thing a vegan has to do to be healthy is to eat protein. Yes, protein can be good in moderation but there is no reason to be completely centered around getting enough. Instead, look for clean fruits and vegetables with a high amount of carbohydrates. Also, the processed foods should be slim to none. Other than that, enjoy your bananas! For more info on low fat high protein diets look up "80-10-10", where 80% of your diet is carbs, 10% is protein, and 10% is fats.

  • Yes, being a vegan is healthy as long as you get enough protein.

    Being a vegan is just as healthy as not being one. In both cases, people can consume all the different types of food groups. Although vegans have it tougher to find protein, tofu and beans are just as good of a source as chicken and steak. Being a vegan is fine in terms of health as long as you get enough nutrients and protein as you would otherwise.

  • If done correctly

    If done correctly, I think that being a vegan is a healthy alternative. If people still get all their important nutrients and are healthy, then being a vegan works great for them. But being a vegan does not always mean a person is healthy. Some misuse the dietary choice and follow it in an unsafe way.

  • Yes but you need more

    Yes it is healthy to be vegan as long as you recognize that often times you need more. Vegan's have a healthy diet but are missing some key nutrients they would get if their diet was different. If they account for the missed nutrients by taking proper vitiman supplements then they will be fine.

  • Yes it can be.

    It can be healthy to be a vegan if it is done right and they are sure to keep up with regular nutrients that being a vegan leads them to miss out on. They need to find ways to replace the sources they are no longer getting through vitamins and other means.

  • No you do not get a healthy balanced diet.

    It is not sustainable for humans to be vegan. Meat has many nutritional and disease-prevention properties. Meat is an excellent source of complete protein, containing all the amino acids your body needs to develop and maintain muscles. Vegetarian/ Vegan foods don't contain complete proteins, so they aren't as good at building and maintaining strong muscles. One study found children who consumed two spoonfuls of meat daily in addition to their regular diet had an 80-percent increase in upper-arm muscle compared to other children in the two-year study, according to an article on BioEd Online, the website of the Baylor College of Medicine.

  • No, I believe that bacon is a good reason to be an omnivore.

    Bacon is the best soul food you can consume legally. Other than fried chicken of course. Do you people not understand the sensation of biting into a frog leg right out of the fryer, as the flavor consumes your heart? Whoever has never had that experience is really missing out. Meat also is a better source of vitamin b12 than any plants that science knows of. My food eats your food.

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