• I think so

    It would be okay to take a life to save yourself and countless others. If a guy had a bomb at a school, And he *will* detonate it if he's alive, It is okay to stop him using force (say, A gun). If you weren't intending to kill and he died, That would be okay.
    Therefore, It is okay to take a life.
    Wow I'm starting to sound like everyone else.

  • Only if they are furries.

    Furries contribute nothing to society. They have a weird gross culture and need to be taken care of (in a bad way). I have a quote: if furries want to be animals, They should be treated like animals. This means they should be hunted like actual animals in the wild.

  • Yes why not?

    I mean its 1 life who cares aslong as they let you and if they don't threten their life untill they sign the waver allowing you to kill them when ever you want go f**k yourself faggoor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Clearly not at random

    If someone broke into your house and is a threat to the family, Shooting up a school, Or other violent felonies, Of course. On the flip side, You can't pull the trigger on some annoying kid who farts way too much or something stupid, Like that. Know when it's a good time to pull the trigger and when you should just deal with someone. Only kill as a last resort.

  • Ethical issues to this topic

    There are ethical issues to this topic.

    is the person severely ill?
    Is the person severely injured?
    Is the person a danger to society?
    Is the world population more than what earth could handle? (Is the world overpopulated)

    If any of these questions were answered yes, It might be a better idea to let them go. But there are conflicting issues to this.

  • Most of you have never done it

    People change when they take a life. They are forever altered. The only people that feel nothing are serial killers and mentally people who have no remorse and emotion.

    Do you even hear yourself talking. Lets reduce the population lets remove dangerous and bad and sick and elderly people. Its Nazi Germany all over again. They sold their souls and committed murder under the belief that they were doing the right thing.

    I do not take lives. I save them and I give people the power of life. Your god is death and you will find no compassion when your time comes.

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