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  • Yes Yes Yes

    The interface for control might not be there yet but we could build the rest already.
    I think we could also genetically engineer some monsters to fight as well,the futures bright!

    It might look like a 80ft Tasimo, though we could pimp it and all before taking it out for a spin.

  • Jaeger building theory

    For the mass and weight problem, We’ll need four very big pistons for each limb and the energy problem will need a very small, Very efficient fusion reactor to power it’s weapons and systems plus the heating and cooling solution might need vent’s, A salt/fresh water cooling system and some kind of coolant storage.

  • We can do it!

    The future will be brighter the ever. The new technology is getting smarter as we know it and one day it'll be out of control. We are capable to building robots and we just don't know it yet. Some people that are in robotics, Engineering, Or in coding classes if we teamed them up together then we can probably be able to go step by step on making mini Jagers. It will take time to learn on how to make it and one day it will be the start of something new. Not everyone will agree with all of our opinions or statements but we can do it. If we work together and learn how to build something new everyday then maybe we will be able to make the world change.

  • Of course why not.

    The tech might not be there but we could build the shell and the weapon molds. The chain sword might be hard and mind bending. But why not try to build it but the ground might get collapsed with 1 step and it will sink into the ground and cause tons of natrual disasters

  • Duh, Of course

    It would be possible to build a jaeger but it would take a long time. We first need to find a substance similar to Kaiju Blue. Humanity would need to work together or else people will be spending their lifetimes building jaegers. There are already many robots similar to jaegers but they are very very small

  • Yes and No

    Its simple, Its not possible yet because of our current tech and equipments but since our world is advancing (think like clash of clan) we might be able to possibly build a jaeger in the future. NEXT Is the resources, Since the worlds resources are already getting depleted we might lack the materials to build a jaeger seriously a massive jaeger covered in iron plates will need a massive amount of iron just to build ONE JAEGER plus the reparations when it gets damage, so.... Lets just pray that we have enough resources to cancel the apocalypse for the next 50 years

  • Sense when has humanity listened to the word impossible.

    Dude this is humanity we’re talking about here. We have been saying this is impossible or that is impossible for years, only for us to more often than not only do but surpass it by a mile 1-3 years later on almost everything. TV’s (flat screen & more importantly color), Mobile Phones, prosthetics with feeeling, living on mars, nanotechnology. All said to be impossible for one reason or another and at this point we have them in our homes. And at this point in time we are already seeing the bridge technology actually starting. Already estimated for no further than 50 years from now. Humanity is going to let something like size, motor strength or energy stop us if we want it.

  • Listen to the Technobabble from the movie

    If you listen to the different technobabble from Pacific Rim, you will understand how they jaegars work. Different people have commented that it would be too heavy to move, and there isn't enough power. However, if you listen to the movie, and no focus on the monster asskicking for just one moment, you will see that each limb, each joint, each section has its own motors, power system, and hydraulic pump. Gypsie Danger has a nuclear reactor that could power a whole city! While the neural bridge technology may not be here yet, we can theoretically build the rest of it.

  • It's possible because japan already made a hologram we have the technology to build one all we need is to blend connect our minds.

    Who ever is say it's impossible to do this your wrong because we proved anything is possible including perpetual motion machines even though the laws of physics don't allow it all that physics does is make air resistance we have vacuum chambers and friction it is possible to make a machine out of ice.

  • No it cannot be built certainly.

    Building a robot on such a massive scale is not possible , at least not with the current tech. Due to its humanoid figure and the massive mass it would not be able to stand on its feet let alone moving - the earth's gravity would not allow it. Secondly energy requirement. Even if we think for a second that some how a miracle happens and it is able to stand as well as move but the energy requirement for the process will be huge. Thirdly the moving process is not possible because the immense weight of the upper body comes down to be carried by the legs and the joints in the leg will surely not be able to take it. And as for a robot that has to run, jump, fight and lift immense masses the leg problem cannot be tolerated. Fourth - the heating issues even if we consider that somehow and someday we are able to do all the things argued above the problem would arise of heating due to gears rubbing against each other and other weaponry is also there which will produce immense amounts of heat.

  • Really?Is the answer not obvious? I question the validity of this website now.

    Creating a machine so large that could move all of it's limbs in correspondence to a pilot who barely as large the Jaegers finger is impossible. The weight of the machinery used to make the limbs move would be so heavy, they could hardly move at all! No machine has the sort of coordination to react in exact time with a humans movements, even the worlds best prosthetic limbs have a second of lag. A piece of metal that size only supported by two legs would probably collapse. If you make the legs bigger to support the weight of the robot, then the legs are to big to move. If the machine was to be hit by anything traveling at a very high speed, one mechanical part would hit another, causing the whole thing to malfunction. It would cost billions of billions of dollars, it is hardly financially possible. All in all, it is just not possible.

  • Could not be

    In my opinion i do not think that the jaegers would be possible to build because the amount of work and resources taken to build one would be extremely hard to get. The weight is also a factor that could not be accomplished because, the weight of one of them would be to heavy because it would 'implode', that it would not b able to lift its self up with the machinery in one, in the film, the jaegers are transported to the location for battle by HELICOPTERS. The jaegers would fall into the ground and not support themselves. I have seen the film (its a great film) and i enjoyed it lots, however. The concept of either the jaeger or the kaiju.

  • No. And that's why the movie exists.

    Here's what people need, fundamentally NEED to understand about Pacific Rim. I have seen way WAY to many morons calling it a bad movie because of scientific inaccuracy, cheesiness, bad acting, writing, and anything else cinematically wrong with it. Pacific Rim does not exist to please people on an intellectual level. It does not exist to get a philosophical experience. And it most certainly does not exist to showcase films ability to show realism, scientific accuracy, and believability. For those experiences, go watch The Place Beyond the Pines to feel smart. Go watch Her to be philosophized. Go watch Gravity for that other stuff.

    Pacific Rim exists LITERALLY for one reason. The pleasing of our inner-child and entertaining us with giant robots punching giant aliens. If you saw this movie and thought "that wouldn't happened", it doesn't make you smart. It makes you an IDIOT because you're too stupid to figure out that the movie about giant robots and aliens is not going to be a smart film.

  • No Hell No

    I do not think it would be possible to build a Jaeger from Pacific Rim. The reason i think this is because the technology for it does not exist. Maybe they can build the robot alone but not as tall and without all of the gears that would help it move .

  • No it will not allow it

    No you can not build a Jaeger from Pacific Rim. The Jaeger Program is no longer creating any Jaegers. There are some Jaegers still in existance that can be used but you can not actually create a new one. Jaegers are very effective in being used inthe the Pacific Rim.

  • Not enough power or strength

    Strength/weight of materials alone are beyond any current power source. Balance and movement is also another challenge which would require many engineering and fabrication issues.

    Maybe dark matter power source could be used. Another option would be powered for only 15 minutes then recharge which is not practical. Not feasible - missiles and bunker busters make more sense economically and mission wise.

  • If the argument is for size accurate, then no

    When the height of an object is increased by a mere factor of two the weight of said object increases by eight times. No material known to man is light enough yet strong enough for a Jaeger. All metals would be too heavy for the Jeager to move while all non-metal materials would not be strong enough for the Jaeger to put pressure on, such as standing on its own legs.

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