Is it worth it to forbid people to have private cars.

Asked by: Cacha
  • I think it’s worth

    There are a lot of accidents from cars. On the road, It is not fixed by anything, Unlike the train. Because of the fences constantly popping up. Plus public transport accommodates more people.
    Plus another gearbox can wedge when shifting speeds.
    Plus it’s impossible to ride while standing. And when you drive for a long time it is very important

  • I will never go in public transport again

    I used public transportation as a kid all the way until college, Never again. The bus would be late or early, They were dirty and the people were very random. Sometimes there were be the crazy person riding the bus or a rude person who could been an opera singer, The angry steroid user who punched and kicked seats, Or the classic baby crying on the bus. Or the seat hog that somehow took up 3 seats, Or the man who want to rub you. Or the who sneezes with an open mouth touching everything.

    As soon as I got my car I was so thankful that I never had to go back again and never wake up 2 hours early to catch a bus.

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