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  • Should teachers go on strike?

    All i want is an opinion for my debate topic to see if teachers should be able to go on strike so i can complete my research so i made my own question and no other thing on this website has this topic so i thought id make one hahah

  • Not if they have valid reason which they do

    They are given a shoestring budget while the board members and elite charter union gets lavish wages. Public school teachers that actually teach the masses have to work two jobs or find other income.
    They are not given school supplies and some even fix their own desks.
    The only ones who profit are the ones in the top that go on expensive vacations and deliberately try to shave expensive that do not impact them. Teachers should go on a long strike because they should not be taken advantage of anymore

  • Teachers can go on strike.

    Teachers can and should be allowed to go on strike, If they aren't allowed to then that would infringe on their right to protest. Sure, This might affect students too. But, Teachers are important and if they see need to strike, They should be able to. And the sooner they would get what they want, The better, If you don't want them to strike then try to listen to them and complete their request. Maybe students would also use this time to go out and learn something they actually like and choose to learn.

  • Public Education Sucks

    It would be best if teachers went on strike year-round: Maybe our children would go outside and LEARN something!

    Every year, The teachers get a raise, They get more funding for their schools, Better benefits, And then mob together under a political union (not really a "labor union") and say it's not enough! It's not wrong in principle for teachers to demand better wages, But they are already overpaid and (usually) bound to government contracts.

    I speak with the authority of someone who has worked on school choice, Who has been to many different kinds of schools including homeschooling, And who has family working in the public education system.

  • Depends on the reason for the strike

    There have been many people throughout history who worked in labor unions that have gone on strike because of pay, Environment, Or even ethic and work conditions. I would guess the teachers feel they aren't getting enough pay from the government to support themselves, I see no problem with demanding pay increase from the government.

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