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  • Yes, Jon Benjamin's fake jazz album is worth listening to

    Yes, I believe that Jon Benjamin's fake jazz album is worth listening to because it is a lighthearted album that I believe was just made for humor. If you are into comedy and lighthearted fun things, then this album is right for you because it is just a fun way that he expressed himself creatively.

  • Yes, it is.

    The Jon Benjamin's fake jazz album is worth listening to simply because it is just like any other jazz music. His fans to be specific are attracted to all his stuff and music. Therefore, the fake jazz album is one of the things they will thrive to listen to and prove how fake it is.

  • It all depends.

    If you are a fan of the Archer voice actor H. Jon Benjamin and you feel like his jazz album might be good then it would be worth listening to. But if you despise the actor then you might want to steer clear or you could still like him but say maybe you should just stick to acting and voice work Archer.

  • Fake jazz worth a real listen

    Actor Jon Benjamin, better known for his cartoon voiceover work, has now recorded a "fake jazz" album that shows his lack of talent. While many might dismiss listening to the album as a waste of time, I disagree. It is always worth trying something new, and this album is definitely something new.

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