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  • Yes, when it's comical.

    Kristen Wiig is a very talented comedic performer. She made such a splash on SNL in a just a span of a few years due to her ability to her skills as an impressionist and improviser. So when a comedic performance is written there are not many better to perform it. And if she's not required to present a list of movies and actors and musicians in a funny way...well anyone can do that.

  • She has tones of personality

    People who present awards need to capture an audience that sometimes gets bored with the whole production, and Kristen Wiig is very good at this. She is funny but she is also endearing, and you never know quite what is going to come out of her mouth. I always listen to the whole thing when she presents because she is fun to listen to.

  • Kristen Wiig is as good as anyone as an award presenter

    In my opinion, Kristen Wigg is one of the most watchable and likable personalities on television. Some may perceive her quirkiness as some sort of awkwardness but they soon realize that it is all part of her act. She is beautiful, smart and funny. I am always happy to see Kristen Wigg on my tv!

  • She is funny.

    Kristen Wiig is a good award presenter because she knows how to entertain the audience. When Wiig is is on state she sometimes does things that the audience doesn't expect. It keeps the audience on their toes. Her performance with Steve Carrell is all people are talking about the day after the Golden Globes.

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