• Education is important

    1. Poor health or nutrition deficiency is seen among people due to illiteracy.
    2. Lack of education causes gender inequality.
    3. Lack of skilled labor and less productivity is seen.
    4. Lack of opportunity as people are ignorant. Hence lifestyle is low.

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  • Lack of education decreases job oppurtionitties

    Lack of education is a really big caus of poverty and its the main one.
    On the one hand, Lack of education makes usunprepared to face the real world when were older so it makes us really stressed when we know about paying and finding the main thingsthat we need to survive and it makes us stressed about how we are going to pay for our education and how we are going to get jobs.

  • Knowledge is power, And we do not have enough of it.

    I can go on for hours about how corrupt the education system is and how broken it is, Yadda yadda yadda we've all heard it before.

    But the biggest issue of all is that it does not prepare students for their economic future. It does not teach them about the dangers of taking on student loans and getting a useless degree. That is why newer generations have so much debt. It pressures students to get 4. 0's so they can spend more money at a 4 year school instead of being frugal and going to a community college first, Or a trade school for that matter.

    Student debt could potentially be cut in half if students were better informed to make better decisions. The parents obviously failed to teach them, So we have no choice but to rely on the government. Thanks parents!

  • An illiterate can hardly live a promising life in this cruel world

    Knowledge in one's head will do a great favor in job promotion and is helpful in many other respects. For example, A skilled and professional person in a company will get more resources based on his knowledge and improve his work efficiency. While lacking related knowledge will leads to last grade and dismiss.

  • Yes, Of course!

    Without the education and basic knowledge, You are unable to get a job, And learn about how the world actually works, This way, You are unable to get enough money and thus, Lead to poverty. Without education, You will not know about your countries law and more important necessary knowledge

  • No, Crime is the number one factor for poverty.

    Crimes causes an area to remain in poverty. Education can only do so much to keep an area from going under. If you ever become a schoolteacher, I challenge you to remain Liberal in the ghettos, Where many stories have generally been about unruly students dropping out to join or participate in gang culture. You cannot educate someone out of this culture, Because the culture on average always wins. Yes, Exceptions do exist, But we don't live in a fairytale world where at least half the students in ghettos behave and become upstanding citizens. It is not a coincidence that SAT scores rise when black students do not take the test. It is not a coincidence that California has or will one day ban black children from taking IQ tests. We have studies that confirm poor White children commit less crime than wealthy Black children. If you want to tackle poverty, You must address populations, Not the individual. If you think we're all the same, Even if we're all well-off and taught in the same schools, The culture on average remains for separate populations. We do not form biases and thoughts in a vacuum. We adjust our behaviors based on our perceptions.

  • Its genetics, Not education

    Most of Africa has an average I. Q. Below 70, Which is considered the threshold for mental retardation. This is the case no matter how much education is given. It is a genetic difference in brain processing, Not an environmental difference. Throw in drinking and doing drugs when pregnant and these children will never be able to compete on a level playing field.

  • Poverty is cycle that cannot be confined solely to "lack of education"

    While a factor, Lack of education is not the only nor the main reason why people are in poverty. The main reason is lack of oppurtunity, With education being classed under that. People in poverty, A vast majority of the time, Born into poverty. Becuase of their parents financial status, They are unable to afford proper schooling and the equipment needed for school. Becuase of this they are unable to gain university entrance. However, It is important to consider that you do not need education (to some extent), In order to get a job. Lots of people work who have no official education (high school dropouts for example). These people are still earning an income and thus are often not in poverty, Proving that, While education (or lack there of( may help keep people in that poverty cycle, It is the cycle responsible for economic status, Not the lack of education itself, As there are others without education are working and are not in poverty.

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