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  • Lady Gaga rules the world

    Lady Gaga has a following that will get her to the platinum level so quickly that the music world wont be able to follow. Her following is so large because of her honest nature and people feel they can relate to her and her music. There is no doubt that her new album will go platinum.

  • It seems likely.

    Over the course of her career, Lady Gaga has never released an album which has failed to go platinum at least once. This new album, which has been talked about massively in the press and has received largely favourable reviews will come along at the same time as a Superbowl performance which will give her a major publicity boost. Therefore, it would be very unlikely for this record not to go platinum.

  • Yes, if the momentum of her fans is there, Lady Gaga's new record should perform well and go platinum.

    It will, of course, all depend on the sales volumes for her newest album. If her existing fans are interested in hearing her latest production, then this album should fair well also. It will likely depend on if any one of the songs amounts to be a big hit, then the album will likely perform well also.

  • Yes, Lady Gaga's new record is going to go platinum.

    Yes, Lady Gaga's new record is going to go platinum because she has done an excellent job of marketing it so far. She has appeared on late night TV shows and Saturday Night Live in order to create a buzz around her album. It will be purchased in droves at the beginning.

  • Very Few albums go platinum anymore.

    No doubt it'll exceed 1,000,000 sales worldwide, but in the current music scene, even for the biggest artists hitting the million mark in the US is an increasingly difficult thing to achieve. Very few people buy albums any more sadly, and so while I imagine it'll go gold (500,000 sales), I don't imagine it'll hit platinum, or at least not anytime soon.

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