• Yes he is decent It is just the roles

    Sometimes you do a role so good you become stuck doing it. Maybe that is the only role people want to give him and maybe that is how directors force him to be.
    His performance is somewhat predictable and falls into a style but at least he is not Tom Cruise or Mark Walberg Doing the same thing. Like he has the knack or Walberg some stuck up savant.

  • He's a great actor stuck as a movie star

    About as much as Brad Pitt, Leo is a victim of his own success. By getting his movie star status so early in his life, He mostly got roles that supported the same stereotype of the handsome man with not much of a personality. Thankfully, He's been getting better and more diverse roles recently.

  • Good not great.

    He's no Jack Nicolas or Tom Hanks but he's not as bad as Seth Rogen or Ryan Reynolds. Great actors like Nicolas and Hanks draw you into the character with their portrayal, Where some of the worst actors make the character look cheesy. DiCaprio just does the role as written and fortunately he's been in some well written movies as well as some bad one.

  • All i can say is he never really impressed me

    What is eating gilbert grape? Ever see that? Ever since that performance all i can think is, Never go full retard, You do and you lose all credibility all credibility no matter what else you do, And for the record none of his other performances ever impressed me that much

  • DiCaprio is One-note.

    I've grown up with his movies. I've seen Gangs of New York, Catch me If You Can, Titanic, Etc as a kid and I've rewatched them all when I got older. I've seen his new movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street, The Revenant, Etc as well. And I can say this. . . He's extremly one-note. He plays the same scowling, Shouting, Douchy, Irritable character in virtually everything he's played in. The only exception is What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
    He can't seem to get out of this shell. He's a prestige director's actor who has always played it safe and never took risks when it comes to acting. Eating raw meat for The Revenant is not acting challenge. He has to count on others to carry him, Be it Daniel Day-Lewis or the cinematographer.

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