• "He's adopted." -Thor

    Even his brother had trouble justifying Loki. Loki is a deceiving trickster that orchestrated the would-be assassination of Odin, a tactical plan, premeditated to deliver petty vengeance towards favoritism. Always having ulterior motives, and proudly expressing his wicked ideology in Germany when Captain America, no less, has to interrupt him. Unleashing a malevolent alien army on unsuspecting humans, instantly rocking their worldview without warning...Just to rule over a scorched earth.

  • Anyone wishing to gain power for himself can't be good

    His intentions are evil from the get go he wants to enslave the human race, also he wishes to kill anyone in his way whether they are innocent or not, he is a villain for a reason, he may have spouts of good dashed in but is a true evil villain

  • Loki is evil

    Loki is his own worst enemy. His adopted family loved him but he could never believe it. He was a prince of Asgard but it wasn't enough because his not crownprince. He is power-hungry, jealous , vindictive and blames everyone else for what happened. In the first film he's sympathetic after he finds out he's a jotun and wants to prove himself to his family. But it's no excuse for treason and attempted genocide. After his first defeat he only gets worse and does everything he can to seize power both on Earth and then on Asgard no matter how many people must die and without any remorse. If that's not evil what is?

  • Anyone who goes to the lengths he does for power is evil.

    In Thor, he was a somewhat sympathetic character. He was having an identity crisis and resented Thor for always getting the attention. You could also make the argument that he represents internalized racism. However, nowhere was it shown that he was ever mistreated by his family in Asgard. Odin did not discriminate against him in his choice of heir. In most monarchies, the eldest son is automatically the heir, so even if Loki were actually Odin's son he still wouldn't be the heir. Basically, he was throwing a temper tantrum for the majority of the movie. Having an identity crisis does not justify sending a destructive robot to kill your brother and destroy a random city in New Mexico and attempt to commit genocide in Jotunheim. Neither does it justify trying to enslave Earth. Thor repeatedly tried to reason with him and even apologized to him. Does Loki listen? No. If he weren't played by such a charming actor, he wouldn't have nearly as many fans. Regardless of how messed up he is, doing what he did is evil.

  • Loki is called the god of mischief for a reason

    Look, even from watching the movies we know that whatever Loki does only brings about chaos not only to Earth, but also to the other worlds. Although haters say that Loki had helped Thor, obviously he helped him for his own benefit. After Thor left him, Loki went back to Midgard and probably killed his own step father ( I don't remember what his name is) , who lovingly raised Loki since he was a child. I'm not making an assumption that Loki murdered his step father, but of course his step father wouldn't give his sceptre to the god of mischief.

  • Loki is not truly evil

    He feels that he is alone in the world, and wants to prove himself to his adopted father. He does what he does to feel accepted. He also feels jealous of his brother. Jealousy is not true evil, he wants to stand out from his brother and prove that he is a great person

  • Power by any means necessary

    He strives to power by any means necessary. He using trickery or brute force to his advantage. He seeds destruction, wherever he goes. On the other hand, all his good deeds are just another way for him to gain the power.
    Another question would be what he actually intends to do with this power.

  • "Why? Because I am the monster parents wadn thrie children about at night? "

    I don't belive Loki is truly "evil. " He is confused, Sad, And miserable. First, He finds out his whole upbringing was a lie, And then basically has a mental breakdown. It was confirmed that in "The Avengers, " he was under mind control by the staff he was using, And he later dies a hero.

  • Tortured and Lied To

    Loki’s actions were entirely the result of Odin's poor parenting. The Frost Giant incident during Thor’s coronation were to only delay Thor being king because, As we all could see, He was not fit to be king just yet. After he got banished, Loki’s actions were entirely driven by wanting to please Odin. He grew up being told he had a chance for the throne, Yet always being in the shadows of Thor. Never knowing why, He did everything he could to get Odin to love him as much as Thor. When he was finally told of his true heritage, He felt angry and betrayed, But still yearned for Odin’s love. Eventually it drove him to thinking that death was better than the torture of never living up to his brother. These actions were clearly the only bad thing he has ever done as his own actions since we know he was tortured and mind controlled by Thanos in The Avengers. Had Odin been a better father, We could have avoided this situation.

  • Loki Isn’t A Villian!

    He was controlled by the staff in Avengers, None of it was his fault! Everyone needs to stop saying Loki is evil and look at the facts that Marvel proved. Also, He proved himself a hero when he died for Thor in Avengers: Infinity War. In this essay I will. .

  • Loki is not evil

    He isn't. He's Marvel's Woody. In the shadow of another person. Many people use the things he did in The Avengers as a way to attempt to prove he is evil but in the official Disney site the description for him is changed and says Thanos used the Mind Stone to control him.

  • All about gambling

    Loki is a player who doesn’t play for success or for the prize. He plays for the game. He sees an opportunity to mess with someone, And he does it. Not to harm anyone, But to see what the outcome will be. He’s a player, Not a winner or loser.

  • He isn't evil.

    Loki is many things, But he is not evil. Loki is controversial because his character is jealous and petty. Let's not forget in the first avenger movie he was influenced by Thanos. Also Odin imprisoned or killed all of Loki's children, So I'd question if my family truly loved me. Loki also grew up in the shadow of his brother and just wanted to make a legacy for himself, But was denied that as well. As a child with 3 older siblings I can understand wanting to get yourself away from the shadow of them. Loki in human years is actually very young and don't give up on him just because he made a few small mistakes.

  • There really aren't 'good' and 'evil' in Norse mythology

    First off, I want to go on record and say that Marvel is NOT a trustworthy source of information on the original Loki. If anything, I'd more trust the Magnus Chase series of books, Which stray from actual myth far less. And in the books, He says it himself. There's no good guys nor bad guys. There are Jotuns. (of which he is one) there are Aesir, (Odin, Thor, Balder, Etc. ) and there are Vanir. (Frey, Freya, Etc. ) They are each on their own standpoint, Like politics. Loki is off on his own.

    Furthermore, Loki is bound by fate and prophecy to beginning Ragnarok; Doomsday; the final death. He wasn't the one that bound himself to it, He's just caught in the cycle.

  • He is not evil!

    Loki is not evil! He may seem evil, But he is not. He has a soft spot in his heart! He has a sense of humor, He is kind (occasionally) to Thor, And he fought a good fight in Avengers: Infinity War. I'm still upset about his death in that movie, But, My stance is that he is not evil!

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