Is MBTI more effective and accurate than Astrology?

Asked by: wootle
  • MBTI is Logical

    Astrology uses a mythical standard based on your birthday to assess your personality. This makes no sense, And is not accurate. MBTI has you take a scientific test to judge your different personality functions to give you a far more accurate result to calculate your personality type. It is also more fun to explore all aspects of your personality type than it is to look at a brief astrology summary.

  • Astrology doesn't use information from the individual

    An MBTI type uses input from the individual. If you're getting assessed by a legitimate, Reliable source, And you're answering truthfully, It's really hard to go wrong. You're bound to get at least something accurate back. For example, If you're more extroverted, You're an 'E' type. If you're introverted, You're an 'I' type. It's based on 4 scales. It's that simple.

    Astrology completely disregards the individual and makes judgements based on nothing but your birthday. There is no solid proof that a person's birthday has any correlation to their behaviour, Values and attitudes.

    I'm an Aries, But I'm also an ENFP - and if you know anything about both of these labels, You'll know that they have very different traits. A fierce, Straightforward leader (Aries) vs a ditsy, Impulsive airhead with the shortest attention span in the world (ENFP)

    As much as I hate it, Only the latter applies to me.

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