• Minecraft is way better

    Let's look at what you do in both games, Shall we? Fortnite: You jump off a bus in the sky onto an island where you quickly grab weapons and kill everyone. Minecraft: You spawn in a randomly generated world and you get materials to build whatever you want. Want to make a castle in the sky? You can! Want to build a Hotel that looks like sans from undertale? You can! (that's what I'm working on btw) Want to make a floating pirate ship with cannons that actually work? You can! Conclusion: Minecraft is better

  • Fortnite is a ripoff

    Fortnite has gun violence Minecraft is creative and you get it you need to play minecraft its better then 1 on 1 last man/woman standing in fortnite but in Minecraft you are playing in a peaceful world and trying to survive or let your creativity run wild fortnite sucks Minecraft is better.

  • No Fortnite is better

    I think that Fortnite is better than Minecraft ok Minecraft is just a stupid dumb and of course it is not even fun ok I think Fortnite is much better and more funnier than stupid Minecraft ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok bye bye

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