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  • Minecraft can scar children for life.

    My little child (age 11) played Minecraft for the first time 3 days ago, And since then, My life has been a living hell! My son saw a "creeper" for the first time and has pissed his bed every night since! This is for children? This also teaches children that slavery is a-okay, If not amazing, Idea through the "villagers" whos cries of pain make me break out in tears just thinking about it! Parents, If you are reading this, DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN PLAY THIS!

  • Yes but it kinda requires an adult mind

    Apart from the points I am about to make, I think Minecraft is a great game and this is just my opinion.

    There are a few questionable things about Endermen. One thing is that they drop Enderpearls when they die. A dirty-minded person could see these 'pearls' as something inappropriate. Another thing is that, As these mobs are black, And players are often white, They could send a racist message to children. One more thing is that their 'hit' sounds kinda sound like they are being choked, Which is quite dark.

    Creepers are suicidal, There is a lot of violence (although classed as non-graphic, Mobs and players turn red every time they are hit), There is a lot of scary noises and it has the capability ofonline play.

  • How is it innapropriot

    Minecraft is a strategy, Imagination building game. I mean yes there are some innapropriot skins and you can build innapropriot worlds. But you have to make it that way. So just tell me how it is innapropriot, Just tell me. I have played minecraft for about 4 years and i do not see anything innapropriot besides skins, Which you buy so like i said before YOU ARE THE ONE WHO MAKES IT THAT WAY!

  • How can minecraft be inappropriate?

    Minecraft is a useful tool which helps shape and mold young minds, And it is unbelievable that some imbeciles seem to believe that it is inappropriate for children. Minecraft is incredible and notch is a god! You philistines could not even hope to comprehend his work. You people make me sick!

  • Minecraft is appropriate

    No. There is no cursing or scary pictures whatsoever. (Unless if you download some resource packs. ) It is a very fun game and not inappropriate. And using adult minds is not the definition of inappropriate. No offense to anybody, But it is not. I repeat. Not, Not, Not. No offense.

  • Minecraft is appropriate

    Minecraft is very appropriate for people. The graphics are cartoonish so that it makes Minecraft a friendly game. The only point that Minecraft spawns monsters is to make levels more difficult for players.

    In survival mode, Minecraft shows players what to do if lost in a forest. For example, People need an axe to cut down a tree, A pickaxe to mine. The creatures like zombies only give the player a warning of what should the player do if it actually happens in real life.

    In conclusion, I think Minecraft is an awesome game and it is definately appropriate.

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