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  • No, he is not.

    I think Noodles is really good at sliding up and down the neck.. That's pretty much all he does in Can't Repeat.. but for a lead singer everyone must admit that Dexter is a talented guitarist, and he was the lead guitarist in the original line up I think..Punk is pretty much dying any way. The Clash still remained punk after London`s calling which is considered a rock record by today`s standards.

  • Noodles: The Best In History? Not this time.

    Noodles, the lead guitarist for the punk band, The Offspring, has had a successful career bringing music to the masses. Does this make him the best guitarist in history? No. With master shredders out there, artists Joe Strummer, Johnny Ramone and other punk greats, Noodles, even though he plays that style of music, does not quite reach the pinnacle that others before him reached.

  • No, Noodles is not necessarily the absolute best Punk guitarist in history.

    No, Noodles is not the best, even though he is an exceptional Punk guitarist. To say that he is the absolute best is a tall order. It requires extensive comparisons to other guitarists throughout the history of Punk. It also is a very subjective matter. Therefore, I don't think he's the best, even though he is awesome.

  • No, Noodles is not the best punk guitarist in history.

    In my opinion there are many guitarists who have achieved success and fame in the punk music industry, so bestowing the title of "best in history" should not be taken lightly. Johnny Ramone of the Ramones, Mick Jones of the Clash, and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols have all gained more notoriety for their work than Noodles.

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