• Look at this

    James Charles is not that bad. Oli London is crazy he is not a good role model. Oli London is supposed to go to a mental hospital. Are they supposed to put him in a mental hospital? . James Charles is not even inappropriate. Oli London is mad and sick (as in bad sick not good sick). -Buthmi

  • Are you mad?

    James Charles is god. He has a lovely bottom. Oli London is silly boy. Subscribe to pewdiepie. Morgz mum (Jill Hudson) is fit. I am very rich. Stream naughty list by Callux (it slaps boi). A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o.

  • No, James is a gay

    He is a BTS fan
    We can do anything that we want to do
    He is showing the world his love towards BTS
    The army can do anything
    So can I
    Or u if u live BTS
    I love BTS
    So will u
    I u listen to them by your heart

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