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  • The food is horrible

    I would prefer to eat dog food. I have eaten in 4 different restaurants and gotten sick. The food I NOT Italian. Taco Bell is a 5 star restaurant compared to Olive PIT. They are spending a lot of money advertising but they need to revisit the quality of food the serve in the restaurants.

  • Olive Garden has significantly detiorated in quality to the point where it is now microwaved cafeteria food that is way too overpriced and heavily processed.

    Olive Garden used to actually be a descent quality restaurant a little over a decade ago. However; over the past few years, Olive Garden has resorted to cheap shortcuts and removed a lot of their good items, Such as veggie pizza and portobeleo mushroom ravioli and instead resorted to cheap build your own pastas made with badly cooked, Non-salted, Deeply processed pastas and even sauces. Most of their dishes now taste like they came right out of a microwave just or from a school cafeteria. Olive Garden no longer seems to be fresh but completely processed to the point where even its non- dine-in competitors such as Chipotle, Panera, And Qdoba seem like saints

  • Blah, Salty Food.

    I go to The Olive Garden some, but I have noticed over the last couple of years the food is just about tasteless. Now, they only put a tiny drop of dressing on the salad. You can taste all the nasty preservatives in the salad which is about 80% head lettuce and 20% romaine. I've tried several pasta dishes, but they, too, are pretty tasteless. Mostly cheese. Their red sauce is WAY too salty. I'm not Italian, but I make better red sauce than they do. I've lost interest.

  • Olive Garden is bad

    Their food is tasteless, poorly made, always frozen and just overall not a good restaurant. Not to mention, that their food is high in sugar and carbs leaving you feeling like you consumed a full bowl of breadsticks, which themselves are cold when served. Lastly, it is far from real Italian food.

  • I have had worse....

    ...But Olive Garden is NOT actually Italian food. The marinara is better than putting ketchup on your pasta but not much better. I have heard people say they love the breadsticks. I ask them if they have ever had real bread. These are the same people that think Subway makes good sandwiches. Anyone who really likes this place deserves what they get.

  • True Italian Food

    Olive Garden has wonderful food! They have a large list of Italian foods that boggles the mind of most people who go there to eat. But facing facts. Not everyone could be as spoiled as myself with an Italian mother who makes the best Italian food on the planet. I felt like a snobbish aristocrat when traveling through Italy scoffing at almost everything I ate. Nothing compares to momma's cooking and I lucked out with a mom who makes the best Italian food.

    That being sad. Olive Garden is not BAD but they're are not that great for the true Italian. If you like Olive Garden: GREAT! Eat there all you want. If you don't like Olive Garden: TOO BAD! Go somewhere else.

  • Olive Garden's food is terrible.

    If you are looking for low quality fake Italian food then Olive Garden is your place. I personally think their food is terrible. It is a low quality Italian want to be restaurant. As a person who dines out alot, I can honestly say I tried it once and never returned.

  • Yes, Olive Garden's food is bad

    Olive Garden is essentially fine as a family restaurant because it is unlikely to offend anyone, and there are enough dishes to appeal to everyone. However, it is not a good example of Italian food. The pasta is overcooked and the sauces are high in fat and sugar. Their food should not be confused with genuine Italian cuisine.

  • Tonight very unhappy

    2750 highway 6 s houston we're go to olive Garden just enjoyment dinner tonight but my feeling so bad.I have order food waiting so long ask her my food . She says you not order food talking so loud. I think her forgot my order it's ok ,don't joking about me you not order but talking os loud i don't like that , this waitress quality is very low

  • Tonight very unhappy

    2750 highway 6 s houston we're go to olive garden just enjoyment dinner tonight but my feeling so bad . I have to order food i think of her forgot my order food it's ok , her say you not order food talking so loud ...... I don't like that . So terrible
    waitress quality is very low !!!

  • Not that bad really

    Not an example of real authentic Italian cooking maybe, but if judged on it's own merits and without expectation or comparison, it's not that bad at all. Perfectly edible, and I dare say enjoyable. There are far worse places you could eat than Olive Garden, but there are certainly better places too.

  • I don't think so.

    If by "bad" you mean spoiled, or contaminated, not a chance. They keep that stuff good and frozen before they put it in the microwave.

    I'm sorry, I can't resist being a clown. Seriously though, it's not the best Italian food but it's certainly not bad. It's like the McDonald's of Italian food and we all know how successful McDonald's is. Ever been to Olive Garden on a Saturday night? It's ridiculously packed. Wouldn't be that way with bad food.

  • No, Olive Garden, considering its chain status, serves standard-quality food.

    Olive Garden was never meant to be a prestigious establishment, but rather a chain that would introduce people around the country to Italian food. If this objective is kept in mind, their food has decent taste, since we wouldn't expect excellent Mexican food from a Taco Bell or impeccable Asian cuisine from a Panda Express. We expect a good introduction to the culture, and Olive Garden provides that.

  • Olive Garden is awesome

    Olive Garden has wonderful food and is quite honestly awesome. I eat there often with my family and it is always packed and people seem to really enjoy the food and atmosphere. If you are thinking of going out to eat you may want to think about Olive Garden, it's awesome.

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