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  • Green Bay Packers

    Green Bay Packers are the best team in the NFL they have one of the Best defense . They have All star QB Aaron Rogers. Green Bay packers have been dominant in the last 3 years having least touchdowns scored on them . One thing they need to work on is finding a good back up QB and Know how to play without Aaron Rogers when he is injured. They have beaten tough team be for .And they can be down by 10 points in the four quarter and it win by 6.

  • Yes they are

    All the other teams suck and we have good players like Aaron Rodgers davente Adams ha ha Clinton Dix, we also have the best defense in the NFL we can stop any team even the seahawks, patriots,steelers falcons. This is why i think packers are the best in the NFL no team stands a chance vs packers

  • Green Bay Packers

    The Packers have a great offence and defense. They have the best player ever, Aaron Rodgers. The Packers also have other great players like Jordy Nelson and Clay Matthews. The Packers have won the Super Bowl many times, and they have also beat super hard teams. Just a few reasons as to why the Packers are the best.

  • Lots of better teams

    Look, the Packers are a good team, but I’m not willing to put them up as the best team. I’d compare them to th Seahawks. Were really good in the previous few seasons, but are now just a team that is being carried by their QB. Obviously, losing Rodgers proved that. They missed the playoffs. They will get crushed, and probably won’t win the division this year, due to the Vikings just being monstrous, and the Lions with a new coach. Bears still suck tho so you won’t be last.

    Back on track, teams like the Patriots and Steelers have always played hard teams (usually), get about 12 wins every season, and (usually) play consistently and well in the playoffs and advance pretty far. The Packers have been all over the place, and they can’t prove to be the greatest. Since the Packers last made the Super Bowl, the Patriots went to 3. But “HUR DUR THEY CHEATED HUR”.

    Spoiler: I am not a Patriots fan, but like, come on, they are the best.

  • They suck ass hole

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