• Question needs to be worded better. . .

    I don't think it's a BAD thing in general, I'm quite a shameless person myself when it comes to sex and affection. I don't really give a shit who sees it. But if a school or organization makes a rule and you don't follow it. . . Well, You can only be mad at yourself if you go to detention for some physical intimacy in the halls.

  • Could be distracting.

    A school without too much distractions would make learning easier and having a boyfriend/girlfriend would be distracting in school. But contradicting my argument, In school dances, Some PDA could be allowed. But in normal school hours PDA shouldn't be allowed. I mean seeing people snogging each other in the hallways can distract you from learning. 😂

  • Is nout giod

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  • Yeah brio wtf

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  • Depending on factors.

    There are times and places we expect students to have some kind of displays of affection such as at school dances/proms. Thing is, Even under those circumstances, Some types such as making out should be discouraged. I could see if your a teen who is in a relationship with someone, It may be okay for them to hold hands an occasionally kiss but things like prolonged embraces or french kissing should be discouraged.
    I doubt anyone has issues with little kids sharing affection as it means something different to them as opposed to teens.
    Thing is, Teens are still developing. Not just physically but emotionally. This means they still lack the maturity fully understand romantic relationships. Funny thing is, They tend to think that doing thing makes them more mature where it actually shows their lack of self control so makes them seem more immature.

  • As famous singer, Kayne West once said

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  • Pda is not bad

    It is not bad cuz it will happen when u are an adult so who care bout pda. Pda is going to be ever where so no matter what it is not going to stop it teaches us how to act with are girlfriend or boyfriend so how care bout pda.

  • No, Of course not!

    Come on, Teachers. Really? Unless two kids are doing something actually inappropriate, I seriously doubt it's logical to ban hugs and kisses. It's just showing that they care, And it's much better than kids fighting or something annoying like that. Besides, If its to prevent crushes or something, That'll happen regardless.

  • Its not bad

    It teaches our kids that pda is a negative thing when really, Its foundation for relationships. Im not saying sexual pda is ok in school, But innocent hand holding? Come on guys if u don't like it then don't look at it. I want to hear yalls opinions and how yall feel.

  • Need to teach respect and morals not force them

    I believe it would be better to teach a kid why pda may or may not be appropriate for a certain situation and teach them the consequences that may be associated with it and allow them to learn and grow from them decisions instead of forcing arbitrary rules on them and expect them to make a decision based on others beliefs.

    Posted by: Ejg
  • NO bro wth

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  • Sex is cool

    Touching pp is allowed and shoukd be enforced trouggout the nation pregnation aint no problem this is a necssesary american need that everyone needs it aint america if we don't get raped back in vietnam we used to rub our balls together to conserve heat, Teaching kids not to survive is plain ol gay

  • Time for study!

    School its place for students study all thing for their future, I think Pda in school is unrecommended to do.
    When the student do Pda in school time it can broke their concentration to study.
    And please! I think its enough to see student with intertwine hand, And call "honey" to each other moreover if they do something like kiss ang hug to sext
    we must thinking.
    Its our future people, Who know they can be a president or minister. And i don want led by president or minister who do Pda in senior hightschool
    and it broke our decency norm

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