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  • Racism should never be tolerated- it's not 'edgy'

    Just because he is a beloved social media star, This doesn't let him be above normal attitudes to racism. His conduct would be universally panned as unacceptable for any public figure, And making jokes of the sort he did is not 'edgy'- it's just plan racist. Think about it this way; would you tolerate this from someone else? No, You wouldn't (at least I hope) and the fact that has millions of young fans is even worse. Shameful.

  • He is very racist

    He has a history of being someone who says racist things and then waves it off as a joke. He is continually racist to Jews and Indians and doesn't seem to ever sincerely apologise about his actions. Whenever there is a joke he makes, He takes it too far and is a bad influence on his viewers.

  • Yes in secret

    I believe he may be a closet racist. Like the guys on south park. A joke is funny but when you do or say certain things and then deny them multiple times, It raises flags. It is like a person saying no homo but then acting like one.
    Doing a joke to make himself infamous No
    Doing it multiple times and denying it?
    We may have found the presidents secret son.

  • You Aren't Paying Attention if Yes

    Hey, If he was actually a racist he probably wouldn't have a fan base this large. He's genuinely a caring, Nice guy who loves to help others and create for them. I am certain that he has said edgy things and will continue to off camera. A sense of dark or edgy humor should not be held against someone simply because "political correctness is mandatory nowadays".
    Remember, He's done plenty to help raise awareness for important global issues. All the media has done is flame him into a racist because he doesn't agree with them often enough.

  • Nah probably not

    He's said racist words, But I don't believe he's racist. You might not like edgy humor but he was so obviously making it a joke. He's already apologized for everything and im pretty sure he realizes that those jokes aren't welcome. It's just taken out of context most of the time. You could argue that they weren't funny jokes, But they were jokes nevertheless.

  • No, He's not

    First, Let's define racism. Racism is the belief that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. For instance, I believe Asians are smarter than Caucasians. The N-word is only racist in a degrading context. When PewDiePie used the N-word in PUBG, While he was using it in a degrading context, He wasn't using it based on the enemy player's race but rather out of sheer frustration. Why isn't your elementary teacher racist for reading Huckleberry Finn? During the Fiverr incident, He was simply seeing how far he could push the boundaries for comedic purposes but didn't describe any racist views. And the idea that he's a closet racist is just purely anecdotal.

  • Rarely even makes offensive jokes.

    There's about 1 slightly offensive thing said every 30 videos or so, Maybe even less. If you're offended at everything, You just shouldn't use the internet. Simple. I bet everyone who gets mad at him has said way worse things in the past. You guys need to realize that not everyone and everything is out to get you.

  • Pewds is kool

    I don't think he is racist. I just think that people that don't like him are saying he is racist just to see something happen to him. He is our bringer of memes, Our person we go to laugh to. Just because he might have made a racist joke dosn't mean he is racist

  • No, He Is Just Controversial

    In this day and age i feel like the term racist and nazi is used in any common matter anyway, But no, I don't think PewDiePie is a racist because he makes edgy jokes. The most known incidents of his racial disputes were the WallStreet Journal incident and the N-word incident. The WallStreet Journal one was obviously a joke, However the N-word one wasn't. I'd still argue that he said it because he got upset, Not because he is a racist.

  • Has made many edgy jokes.

    Has said race based jokes on streams and videos. Look it up to see them for yourself. The most well known incident was when he said the n-word on a stream. Since then he has made an apology video. Look that up as well to find more info about that.

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