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  • Pokemon has a lamp

    I don't really know what else there is to say, But the fact of life is, Pokemon has a lamp pokemon, But yugi oh does not have any lamp pokemon. Therefore we can come to the logical conclusion that pokemon is clearly superior to yugioh. Because of a lamp. Bye.

  • Yes it is

    It is it absolutely is don't even ask me why because it is always the best i need 32 word so I am just filling this in because someone needs to defend pokemon only 16 more words lets see how fast we can do this rtg vfv and were done

  • There are too many different generations of Pokemon. I can not keep up with the amount of Pokemon there are in the Pokemon Universe.

    For older veteran fans Pokemon has way too many Pokemon making it more boring game. It isn't hard to find a "legendary' card anymore or "powerful" one either. In Yu-Gi-Oh there are much less monsters to use and the monsters also look a lot less friendly and child like. I would definitely choose Yu-Gi-Oh over Pokemon any day.

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