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  • Yes it is if you are a serious gamer

    This was the game that made a battle royal possible. Was it too expensive? Yes, It could have been cheaper instead of the cost it is now.
    I like the realistic graphics and response times.
    Fortnite is a cheap knockoff that stole the concept and made itself free. The graphics are ugly cartoonish and not even a cool like borderlands or smashbros.
    It is filled with very annoying people requiring me to turn off chat. I am pretty good at fortnite but I cannot deal with the toxic fanbase and the blatant marketing for ugly loot boxes and outfits. The ones that look nice cost money.
    Must people that hate pubg probably do not own it. And if they do they are upset that they cannot hide in their safe spaces like walls or bridges,
    I enjoy pubg and occasionally play fortnite but I cannot stand the blatant greed of it and the children that it has ensnared.

  • Fortnite has a better foundation and supporting group

    The foundation that lays Fortnite as one of the best multiplayer games is that it has weekly updates and brings new content every week. The game is as buggy or glitchy as PUBG and has a multitude of different platforms to play on. A very rare occasion when a game can cross-platform and have more than 80 million daily players.

  • Because you can break stuff in fortnite but in pubgy you can’t break anything

    My argument is fortnite is muck better then pubgy because on fortnite you can go it different worlds and on pubgy you have to what entails it is done downloading fort night you just have to Klike the mood and it will tack you to the world to play your game.

  • It's bad for others

    It make people kill there own friends if they play pubgy and Fortnite is way better because you could do allot of stuff you can do but pubgy nothing you can't, Do creative mode, Disco, Solo, Squad, Duo and etc because people can't do anything delete pubgy and download Fortnite is awesome that people could be better

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