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  • In most, If not all, Countries

    Just through mere observation, It is fairly obvious that racial discrimination does exist. From a biological standpoint, It is quite noticeable how we are different in the way we are built due to the environment that we, Or rather our ancestors, Lived in. And due to our biological differences, Some humans advanced far quicker compared to others giving them the competitive advantage they need to conquer nations. Alas, They became corrupted and started to discriminate those that were "lower" and "less civilized" than them so that they'd have justification for their misdeeds. A great example would be the Europeans warring against each other.

  • No, Birds are also not real

    The CIA assassinated John F. Kennedy after he refused to kill and replace billions of birds with drones. The U. S. Government is sequestering a team of Boeing engineers in Area 51 for a secret military mission. Our tax dollars have been funneled into building the “Turkey X500, ” a robot used to hunt large birds.
    This is a stupid question so you get a stupid answer

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