• Roblox has no crafting!

    Every day in Minecraft, users suffer crafting. Worse, it's full screen, meaning that you have to quit the game to look how to make a certain something! In Roblox, there are blocks for beds, tables and trapdoors. Though Roblox has a flat world, it's us Robloxians who became The Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria.

  • Just cuz I want to be involved

    Minecraft actualy is first person and stuff, where as Roblox is disgusting, I use to play roblox, then I found MInecraft, love at first sight. But, minecraft offers younger audiences to hop on single player and play, but Roblox, Is a place of horrible graphics, Minecraft, you can change that with resource packs, like faithful.

  • Minecraft is much better

    In the pathetic roblox game, they give you everything you need to survive in life. But in Minecraft, you start with an amazingly awesome tree. Starting from wood, stone, iron, gold, and eventually making it to diamond. You can mine, eat, fight monsters, survive through the night, build, and do everything you can possibly do in real life. You can every fly a helicopter or plane if you want to!!!!!!! Minecraft is much better.

  • So much money.

    First I played Roblox a lot but then I wanted to play Minecraft. But I realized that it costs money so then I asked my dad for it he said ok. I played for a kinda long time but then it's boring cause my dad wont get me mods and the I went back to roblox and I figured out a game I liked so kept on playing roblox without having to pay $26.78 and tax without mods and roblox has much more things and games and featuring.

  • Minecraft is the copy of roblox

    Minecraft's plan was really supposed to be like Gmod, realistic. BUt in 2007, they saw ROBLOX's advertisement and copied. JUst like APPLE, they copied. Anyways, Roblox has packages to change how you look like but MInecraft doesn't. I heard that a future MInecraft update includes packages called packages. Same copy. Minecraft and ROBLOX both care about money more than players but Roblox can create ANYTHING besides impossible things. You can't create your own gun or a paintball gun your own way, you can only make it Minecraft's shooting cursor. You can't even make your own animations!!!. Anyways MInecraft is always practically about survival. ROBLOx is about BUILDING ANYTHING.

  • ROBLOX is a multiplayer game

    That's what makes it even much fun for kids to play and make new friends online. While in the "Minecraft" side, You only play as Steve who can't even buy clothes, play by himself and no friends in that game. Mincraft is just 1 game while ROBLOX are many games.

  • Both are great, but.....

    ROBLOX I think ROBLOX is better. First of all, the selection of blocks Minecraft provides you with simply doesn't compare to the infinite possibilities of a single part on ROBLOX. Yes, you can mod Minecraft, but you don't even have to mod ROBLOX because it's already incorporated into ROBLOX Studio. Second of all, ROBLOX is free. You have to pay $26.95 for Minecraft! It may unlock all of the features, but if you do the math, you would get more for that money in ROBLOX. "But ROBLOX Builders Club costs a fortune!" Actually, for about $6.00 dollars a month, that's not bad, if you put it up next to the membership rates of other games. And besides, it's not required. If you're complaining about being NBC, quit being greedy, because ROBLOX is being incredibly generous already. Finally, the communities. The Minecraft community isn't bad, but it isn't perfect, either. All games have problems with hackers and OD'ers. ROBLOX may be one of the worst cases, but not all of it is bad! In fact, I don't come across many hackers or OD'ers. Noobs, well, they're another story. They're just newer players who don't know how things work yet. Don't criticize them so much! Minecraft has new players too!

    I could say more, but I think this is enough for now.

  • Roblox is not one game.

    Its many. Its where you create a game. Where in Minecraft, it's just one game. Do I need to say more? Robloxians managed so much more then Minecraft, and if you want something good in Minecraft you have to make some sort of 10 hours frustrating MOD. Yet in Roblox, we use a simple Lua scripting language. Roblox isn't just build and blocks, you can do multiple things such as FLYING AN AIRPLANE fighting IN A WAR, going into SPACE doing many different things. In Minecraft- Survive your first night! Lets build a mansion! -
    In ROBLOX you can join war clans, fight, raid, go into airlines, fly an airplane, fight with zombies, SURVIVE. THERE IS MUCH MORE THINGS IN ROBLOX you can do. Roblox is more creative, in MINECRAFT you can only build, you can't script.

  • ROBLOX - Better.

    While both games are fun and engaging, ROBLOX is better. While minecraft requires a considerably substantial amount of money just to create an account, ROBLOX accounts are free. Yes, to get ROBUX (Roblox Virtual Currency) faster, you would prefer to buy Builder's Club, (Which is only around 6$ a month), but if you play for a while, you'll get TIX for free, which can be transferred into ROBUX. Some say that ROBLOX's community is incomparable to Minecraft's, however ROBLOX allows more personal interaction. Also, there are thousands, even millions of different games on ROBLOX that are free to create, whereas to make an MCserver, you have to buy one.

  • Its different in so many ways

    To start, you get an INFINITE amount of items, literally meaning that. You can build whatever you want, and then turn it into a walking and talking scientist, mech, zombie, STEVE, n00b, Guest, or whatever! Thousands have made games that don't require some sort of website code. You can infact gain friends and actually experience shops and item purchasing to customize yourself. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE MADE THERE OWN PERSONAL ITEMS! Just recently roblox even gave people free stuff.

  • Minecraft, hands down

    First of all, if you haven't noticed, ROBLOX also is a pay to play game because you need Builders Club to get ROBUX and both of those cost money. And people that do not have Builders Club on ROBLOX are actually mistreated and pretty often bullied. Also, many ROBLOX players are trolls. While in Minecraft, yea you do need mods to fly a plane and all that stuff, BUT THEY ARE ALL FREE. In addition, Minecraft has texture packs and Minecraft without a texture pack has way better graphics than ROBLOX does. Also, people on Minecraft actually do treated better than people on ROBLOX, minus the many griefings that happen on Minecraft which is very little to the amount on personal servers on ROBLOX.

  • How can you

    Seriously think Roblox could be better than Minecraft?! We recently had to memory wipe my computer, and we were putting some of my important files on an external hard drive. My helper asked, "Do you want this. I think it's a game." while pointing at a Roblox file. In return, I said, "Nah. That game is no where's near as complex or fun as the other one, Minecraft." Although you can get different games in Roblox, there are different servers, mini-games, and so many other things on Minecraft, including many that you can't get in Roblox.

  • Minecraft all the way

    Minecraft, is, without a doubt, the better game. ROBLOX constantly pressures the user into spending cash on stupid virtual currency (ROBUX), which, in turn, is spent on cheap gamepasses and stupid virtual items. If that wasn't enough, Minecraft has a community that is vastly superior to ROBLOX's, with mods, texture packs, and community maps all available to download. Does ROBLOX have this level of community dedication? No. ROBLOX is only supported on the PC and the Apple platforms (which fail to run most ROBLOX games). Meanwhile, Minecraft has a version for MOST MAJOR CONSOLES and cellphones/tablets. The point I am trying to make is that Minecraft is more diverse, more complex, and overall the better game.

  • Minecraft all the way.

    Minecraft is better because you can add mods, plugins and many more things. I think Roblox is just like being in real life and is not fun. On Robox you have to make a game, but on Minecraft, you can play single player or play with friends. On Roblox, there is no real goal, but on Minecraft you can kill the Ender Dragon or Wither for experience points and to complete the game. Roblox is a bit repetitive, and Minecraft is better.

    I should know, I played Robox for about 3 years and played Minecraft for around 3 years as well.

    Thank you for reading.

  • No it is not

    Minecraft is much better, as it allows the player have a bigger sense of purpose. Servers on Minecraft allow you to join with a group of people, and you can socialize with them, rather then play with a different group of people each time. On Minecraft, you can get a specific role in a large community, and it gives you a better sense of purpose, rather than changing people whenever you are bored.

  • I object to that.

    Minecraft is WAY more better than Roblox. Minecraft actually promotes creativity. You do NOT need wifi to play Minecraft PC, Xbox, or Pocket Edition all the time except to play online multiplayer. IOS and Android devices can play Minecraft Pocket Edition because the app runs C++ software. This proves that you can play MC PE on the go. Minecraft isn't just about killing monsters. That's not the point. You can build amazing structures to the limit of your imagination, or craft tools to help you in the in-game survival world. This can help younger children as well, because they need to spread their imagination so they can use it later in life.

  • This is nonsense

    Minecraft is a game that requires skill and strategies most of all it depends on creativity it is also approved by some schools and architecture you dont see rolbox doing that there are popular parodies and famous people who use minecraft. The reason its not free because it's a popular game almost everyone plays you can costume you all the way down to the smallest details with rolbox you can only change your skin color and clothing BORING. Minecraft is one of the best games you'll ever play. When I think about it I found a server in rolblox that is based on minecraft -_-

  • Minecraft is better than roblox

    People like minecraft because it some times can be very educational. Sometimes, teachers use it to show kids how to supply yourself and to be creative. If you craft, it means that you can survive and make things by yourself. People like mine craft just so much, much better. That is why.

  • Wtf? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! Roblox is horrible!

    Look up why roblox is TERRIBLE! If you think roblox is bad then YOU ARE WRONG! L O O K I T U P! ! ! ! ! Roblox turns words and numbers into tags I HATE ROBLOX! If i were to make a worst games ever list roblox would be number O N E!

  • Minecraft is good

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Donderpants says2015-06-22T07:11:49.650
Gah! A bunch of people accidentally went on the wrong side of the argument! I think it seems that as half the people in "Yes" are actually supporting the "No" point, "No" is actually winning here.

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