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  • Rock Bitch sure is a band to watch.

    Just the name "rock Bitch" sparks interest in this band. The name alone makes them an interesting prospect for entertainment. If their music lives up to their name, they are certainly a noteworthy contemporary option for fans of rock. A band named "Rock Bitch" is enough to rev up perspective fans in anticipation of clever, rough music.

  • Yes, RockBitch is a band to watch.

    Yes, RockBitch is a band to watch because they are relatively new and have a lot of potential. Too many bands get written off before they even have a chance. To ignore this band would be a huge error. No one knows how good they will become. We should certainly keep our eyes on them.

  • RockBitch is not a band to watch.

    They got their start as a previously mostly female band that faced sexism, so as a rebellious act, they strip, perform sexual actions on stage, and sing about Satan. Though this may be what some people enjoy watching, I think they overstepped the boundary on how to rebel. They throw out a condom during their set and let whoever catches it to have sex with many of the band members backstage. This does not seem like they way to fight sexism in the rock music culture but I see their point. I would not spend money to watch their show when I could watch a more enjoyable performance.

  • They are nothing special.

    Starting with their name, RockBitch is a forgettable band. Unfortunately, they don't think that they are good enough at their music in order to draw a crowd. Instead, they have to rely on doing shocking and offensive things, like incorporating sex acts and paganism into their act. That isn't playing music. Rather, it's putting on a show. Audiences will quickly forget RockBitch.

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