• Parents should teach children.

    Children can learn everything they need to know for a happy life from their parents, and the Bible. School teaches children to be ungodly, and puts them on the path to sin and immorality. Children were not forced to go to school in Jesus time, and they should not be made to know either.

  • The school system is flawed in so many ways.

    You learn the essentials in elementary and some of middle school. However, when it come to late middle school (8th grade+) it is complete non sense. If a child has a career option in mind, then the best way to prepare him/her is to give them real world, hands on experience where they can be prepared to make money and support themselves, when was the last time you used algebra in your job?

  • There is a difference between education and school

    You can be very intelligent without school. The problem is kids love learning until they are put into the systematic factory of creating workers we call school. Kids should be able to choose what they want to learn so they continue to be enthusiastic about learning. If kids hate learning they will never truly absorb the info. On top of that what kids are learning is completely pointless and will not ever help them. The real use of school is to teach kids to sit down and deal with things they hate (what you will have to do in most jobs).

  • It teaches you things that dont relate to your future job

    I want to be a video game creator when I grow up. I have been in school for 9 years and I did not learn anything that relates to the job I want. I even asked my teacher if a video game designer job is good. The teaches said that kind of job is "stupid" and that I should choose another job that relates to what you were taught in school. It is a waste of time to learn stuff that you will not need in the future. I have to do a research paper on something stupid and boring and I had no choice. I cant even work on my game which I plan to release next year. School is a big waste of time.

  • Abstract Point System that Teaches Nothing to Contribute to Society

    The schools base kids on how "smart" they are through their GPA or grades in the class. Colleges reflect on these and choose the "smartest". I have taught myself three foreign languages, cause and effects of human activity on the environment, and study international politics and relations every day, all of these on my own, yet because I don't care about math class, english class, or the same American history I have been learning since second grade, my GPA is low, inferring that I am not as smart as others. The high GPA and Grade kids just memorize facts from books and forget about it after. Then they go into college and life to contribute absolutely nothing to a society that needs change. We need people to be taught about the environment and not heavy math, international relations and cultural studies and not the American Revolution and the Civil War over and over again, and lastly to show that life isn't about the points, money, or useless material objects society deems important and successful. School's arbitrary point system leaves the brightest minds of individuals out and puts people who just want points ahead of everyone else. This is from an American high school junior.

  • Waste of time

    Kids need something to tell their kids right? Kids want to play. Not be locked up in a classroom all day fored to listen to a series of mumbles and old books. I want to be an architect when I grow up and my school has taught nothing about it. Kids need hands on experience and go out into the real world. Let the kids go outside not stare at the clock and being surrounded with smelly little brats.

  • You Learn Nothing

    School teaches students nothing-I don't even remember the stuff I learned from last semester. If anything, school tests your memory and your ability to totally B.S. Your way in life, not your intelligence.
    I hate it. Knowing that everything I "learn" is a complete and utter waste. Who needs to know the midpoint formula when you're 37? It's messed up.

  • Yes, Yes it is

    Now first of all, for Spanish, we could just watch Dora... She teaches you to say hello and goodbye, also to count up to ten

    For Maths, we wouldn't even need math, we have calculators

    English, being an author That's basically the only reason to have English but only for people who want to be an author, which is definetly NOT me...

    Science, do we even need that,

    History, why do we need to learn about that, they're DEAD anyway,

    School is like a prison e.G. Dress code, walk in lines

    When I'm home, it's not freedom YET,
    Need to STUDY?!?!?!?!? 6 hours of school,
    And probably 2 more that's half our day WASTED

    Arghhhhhhhhh so many YEARS left......

  • Not everyone is going to be rich when they grow up because of school.......

    You can have a nice job and become "rich" without going to school. I do YouTube videos for a living and make money off of that. I get about $20 per video I upload on average. You can probably tell that $20 isn't enough so you can probably assume how many videos I upload...... I do it because it is fun. I like to do it and school didn't teach me anything that has to do with it. That is my argument, enjoy!

  • School is a waste of time!

    You learn nothing in school. You do need to learn English and Math. (Some math topics are pointless though but some are essential. Like the person's comment on top. His/Her exact words were, "Why do you think Fredrick Douglass escaped slavery when he got smart? Not only does an education help you in every way of life, it also teaches you things to make life easier." I was like What?! Knowing how Frederick Douglas got smart and escaped slavery does NOT make your life easier or even help you in life! School teaches you pointless things!

  • We need to pass tests.

    Getting a job relies on getting qualifications, and all that school teaches you are extremely basic things like counting and how to pass tests. It is extremely difficult to get a job if you flunk everything. The vast majority of children whose parents cannot afford school want to go to school, and a much smaller percentage of people who go to school want to leave school

  • Education provides opportunity.

    Really? So if Bill Gates never went to Harvard, and Tim Berners Lee never went to Oxford, you think you'd still be typing on this forum? I'll simplify it:

    -No Windows operating system
    -No World Wide Web

    The education system exists to provide opportunity. Without mandatory education, otherwise ambitious children would be forced into their parents' careers and we'd go back to feudalism in no time.

    Doing well in school provides opportunities for children to CHOOSE their trade when they reach adulthood. Will they all use that algebra or calculus they had to learn? Of course not - but several might. The world needs engineers, physicists, chemists, buisinesmen, etc. How to write an essay? Doesn't hurt to have a good understanding of language. Reading comprehension? I hope parents would want their children to have basic literacy at least. Our world needs writers. Of books, of magazines, of speeches. History? How can you understand current events without knowledge of the past?

    Without a school system, we wouldn't have many of the fruits of technology and industry which we take for granted today. Without a school system, children would also be doomed to whatever career their parents are able to teach them.

  • School is never a waste of time.

    School is the number one place to learn; whether it is elementary, high school, college, or post-secondary, going to school is a wonderful endeavor. If you don't learn, you stagnate and are resistant to change. In our emerging global economy, Americans need as much schooling as possible to keep up and pull ahead of foreign competition.

  • Not at all.

    School is a place for development, both academically and socially. Socially, because there, we meet all sorts of people with different backgrounds, therefore opening new doors of influence. Think of it as a training ground for what life has to offer in the future. It IS definitely possible to 'succeed' in life without having to study in a proper school, however, it isn't bad to consider all your options. To quote Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken: "I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

  • Seems like it, but not really.

    In school what do you learn? Here's an easier question: What did you learn out of school? School may be boring, but when you think about it's where we have learned almost everything. Without schooling, everything would be simple. Why do we have computers? Back in the Great Space Race, the way we participated is by getting an education. Why do you think Fredrick Douglass escaped slavery when he got smart? Not only does an education help you in every way of life, it also teaches you things to make life easier.

  • It helps kids develop various interests

    School is a wonderful way of allowing kids to fully develop several talents, schools have sports fields, science labs, art rooms and music rooms that are not found in the regular house hold. They have teachers and coaches ( who can be really mean at times) but they have opportunities that they wouldn't have otherwise

  • WTF Why yes?

    How can it be a waste? If you want a job and a nice future/economy is it really a waste of time? Yes, if you read the meaning literally but NO if it is for the world's and yours future. So why is it a waste? You meet new people and learn new things, is it a waste to learn, should you just be a human without any logical thinking, grammar, knowledge etc? No.

  • They teach you relevant information for your career.

    School is where you learn knowledge on things relevant to society. They teach you things that will help you in your future career as it introduces you to the concepts and topics you will come across in higher education as well as provide opportunities for part time and full time employment.

  • Make world better

    Think about all of you complain about how school os so bad when it really opens up the most entertaining pathway you could imagine. Sure it can be boring and i have to admit some days i do wish i could go home, but If there was no education would there be video games, NO would there be computers,phones you name it. So saying school is not needed is very stupid and leads you to nothing unless you just want to sit up and do nothing your whole life, which is really much more of a waste of life then going to school plain and simple.

  • School Teaches You Important Life Skills

    At school, you learn many important skills that can prepare you for adult life. You learn to work hard for results (ex. Grades in your schoolwork) and having to study and balance schoolwork with other aspects of your life can teach you the skills of dedication and time management.
    Another important skill you learn is how to work with other people, and when you make mistakes, you have the opportunity to learn from them.
    Sometimes people complain about how "I'll never use this 'stuff' in the real world," but they're missing the point. For example, many of the mathematic theorems, rules, skills etc. may not apply directly in many situations after school, but in learning them, you create and widen new logical and intellectual brain paths, which you can use to your advantage in almost every other situation! Lessons at school help you build your general brain power.
    Abby S, Gr. 9

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4804022980 says2017-12-13T18:59:12.043
We waste about 18 years of life and more to pay for college and then get to the job and then get a job to get money

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