• School is Necessary

    In my opinion, School is definitely necessary. We learn to read, Write and even develop social skills. In addition to that, School prepares us for college, Where we can get a degree for a high paying job. While I agree some of the things we learn in school are useless, Most are useful. Therefore, School is necessary.

  • It really it is.

    First of all, You don't know how to spell necessary but, We need education for common skills. In K-12, We learn how to speak and implement words as well as how to interpret and read literature. Without this, We would be clueless as to how to communicate in a civilian conversation or understand writing or letters. We wouldn't know how to add or do other basic math skills which led to architecture which we need for buildings. Lastly, We wouldn't know common science skills such as observations and hypothesis and ultimately we would be lost without an authoritative figure pushing us to excel to further advance the nation we have today.

  • Yes, Of course

    Not going to make this long, But our society is built around intelligence and that is built by the educational foundation. I’m not going to go into it but there is a clear piece of evidence - the fact that you are not able to spell the word “necessary” correctly.

  • Yeah pretty much

    If you want technology, If you want food then there needs to be schools to teach the skills necessary to be able to make that. If you need a roof over your head or a building to live in then you need there to be schools to teach the skills necessary.

  • Yes it is

    "Memorization is not intelligence! "
    That is what a bunch of uneducated brainwashed people say.
    "Who cares that you do not remember elements or math equations just learn a trade and have COMMON SENSE"
    And then you read the headlines,
    Person died of monoxide poisoning, Or person died from gunpowder explosion or died from messing with electricity, Or died event.

    My parents have a very basic education level, They had to learn to work with their hands and know a lot of things, But they told me to go to school. Learn knowledge and become better than them. They taught me some of their skills I can repair a car do woodwork and other basic manual labor. But that does not make me special. Neither does know multivariable calculus.

    I went to school so I could learn financing, Science, Math, Computers. And I also learned about history and literature and other areas. I tell my parents what I learned and I help them learn as well.

    Do not take education for granted, ALL Knowledge is power, Being able to fix a computer or car or cure an illness is power. Those who are ignorant will remain ignorant and slaves to the smarter persons

  • School builds future presidents, Contractors, And tax experts.

    In middle school, You will be exposed to multiple life preparation classes and courses. Civics class will help you understand your rights as a citizen, And it will teach you the ways of the government. Math will teach you how to calculate tax, Tip, Discount, Interest, And markup. Science will teach you elements and what to avoid. English will help you fill out an application for highschool and college. School is essential. Period

  • School is not neceseay

    It is a waste of time and of your whole day. But it is educational but no one really needs education anyway. Calling school necesary is just giving everyone more reasons to not go to school and like I said it is a waste of time and your whole day.

  • Oppression of Children

    We are denied our rights. I was literally told I had no rights. They dictate every action we take, They enforce ideas onto us that we never signed up for and generally teach us how to serve Hitler minus the murder.
    This things needs 9 more words so here you go.

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