• Yes, I am in show choir

    Show choir is a grueling activity. Not only does one need to memorize songs, But there are highly advanced dances that include ballroom, Ballet, And jazz dancing. If you regard dance a sport, You bet show choir counts. Also, You are expected to have a healthy diet, Weight, And even to lose weight as it goes on, As in wrestling for example.

  • 1000% it is a sport

    People who say otherwise are either not in show choir or do not take part in a show choir that goes to competitions to compete. Most argue that since show choir is just singing and dancing and not done for the entertainment or competition aspect that other sports are, It’s not a sport. But these people do not realize how challenging it can be to compete and perfect this craft. My show choir does ab work every week at our weekly rehearsal! We commit time during our school day to tour our shows to the local schools and community centers. If you think it isn’t a sport, Try living a day doing my tour, Perfectly strong choreography, Wearing shoes that hurt my feet like they’ve never hurt before, But smiling and having fun through everything :)

  • Most definitely is a sport

    LISTEN. If you don’t think that show choir is a sport then obviously your school doesn’t have a good show choir, Or your school doesn’t even have a show choir. I have done basketball, Soccer, Cheer, And volleyball and I can say that show choir is the most difficult of those that I have done. Not only do you have to sing, You have to do competition level dancing in heels and heavy uncomfortable costuming. You also have to work with other props and help to put up your set. Last year and this year we have a football player in show choir, And they have not only said that it was harder but that it was more mentally draining than anything they do in football. Honestly don’t come at me saying that it’s not a sport unless you have a grand champion show choir or you’re actually even in show choir. Honestly all these people who think they know what it’s like need to sit in on a practice or two because it’s a lot different then they think. Come at all us show choir kids if you want we’ve honestly gained so much confidence that it doesn’t even matter anymore. Also I know many many people that are overweight in show choir at the beginning of the year and loose a ton of weight, I have even lost weight myself and I am not overweight, I lost 20 pounds last year from practice alone. It’s just insane if you don’t think it is a sport. & if you’re in show choir and saying that it isn’t a sport maybe you should get a better choreographer. My choreographer is straight off of broadway and the hardest working man, He is tough and judgemental and makes at least three people cry every time he’s there, But he is the best and challenges us every time he is there.

  • Show choir should be a sport

    We sweat and work our butts off on stage and dancing as a whole is physically taxing. We run and condition to get in shape to build our endurance to perform. Dance itself is considered a sport, So why isnt show choir? Some people think that because we sing it isnt physically taxing. Also, A sport is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as "a game, Competition, Or similar activity, Done for enjoyment or as a job, That takes physical effort and skill and is played or done by following particular rules. " Show choir meets all of those requirements.

  • Clearly is a sport.

    Everything that show choir groups do is hard and takes very hard working people to accomplish. Rehearsals every day and sometimes even nights. Endless competition days. It is very hard work so of course it is a sport. We compete don't we? We practice as much as regular sports do.

  • Of course show choir is a sport!

    Show choir is most definitely a sport. Many people do not consider it a sport, And I don’t get that. Yes, I agree that singing is not a sport, But the dances are so hard, And there is so many hours of work put into it, So it is a sport. For many bigger people, Bigger girls specifically, Some sports are not welcome to us. Show choir is such a welcoming sport, So people like me feel accepted, While getting a lot of excersise. The competition is very present in this sport. You compete, And you work SO HARD to make yourself good. The dances are NOT JUST STEP TOUCHES. The hardness of the choreography is unreal. So today, If you don’t think show choir is a sport, Think again. I’d like to see you try it.

  • Show Choir IS A SPORT

    In show choir, You need skill. Skill in singing, Skill in dancing, And skill in being a good sport and performer. Many people think that just because we sing, It means it isn’t a sport. That is the art portion of it, But there is more to it than singing. It’s long, Hard hours upon hours of practices and learning the dances, Like memorizing a play in football, And many rehearsals learning really difficult music to know when and what to sing. So in all honesty, Show Choir is a sport, And if you don’t think so, Well you’re wrong. Others may state that if you sing, It’s not a sport, And dancing isn’t a sport because it’s an art, Well I think the opposite. You are entitled to your own opinion, But I bet over half the people in the US will tell you it is a sport.

  • Yes, Show Choir should be considered as a sport.

    Under the definition of a sport provided by the oxford dictionary, A sport is "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment", And that's exactly what show choirs do.

    I may be biased as I am in show choir, But my being in show choir also helps prove my point that show choir should be a sport because I know what goes on. Usually by the end of each practices and competitions, Everyone is out of breath and sweating. Not to mention, It's hard to both sing and dance the right choreography at the same time.

  • It is a sport

    Show choirs compete. Show choirs have after school practices. We dance WHILE singing our lungs out. At least for me, Choreography isn't easy and requires a lot of physical effort to get it down. To think that there are people who don't consider dance a sport is crazy because it isn't just step touches. Just being able to control your breath correctly takes athleticism and core strength. At my school, You can get your PE 2 credit from being in a team sport OR a competitive show choir. It counts as the same credit.

  • Def of sport is


  • Show Chior is not a sport

    Sports are fun recreational activity’s that take place in a 1 or more person team where they must use skill and physical prowess in order to entertain and audience as they compete against others. First of all, I’m in show chior and it’s no fun and it’s a group not a team. . . We don't work together we harmonize. While we do entertain people and can compete but no physical activity is going on. While you may say singing takes endurance but do you need a physical to do it, No so therefore show Chior is not a sport

  • It's not a sport!!!

    Who in the world say I play show choir? NO ONE cause it's not a freaking sport. It's a performing art. Dancing and singing is not a sport, it's a hobby. So all of you are wrong and don't listen to them. Maybe this will change your mind. Thank you

  • Show choir is not a sport

    Show choir dance doesn’t compare to competition dancing, They are way diffent so comparing the dancing in show which is hard and comparing it to composition dance where dancers train so hard to conpete do not compare at all singing is difficult but it is not a sport it is an art that is challenging as well as dancing, Just because it’s hard doesn’t make it a sport

  • It is NOT a Sport

    Show Choir is an extracurricular activity that is part of the Fine Arts Department. You don’t go to a gym to do Show Choir. There is no specific area(like a field or stadium) where you do it. Congrats your singing and dancing, And those arnt sports. If it was a sport, It would be in PE. I’ve never had a Gum teacher say “Okay, Next unit is the Show Choir unit. ” It isn’t a sport, Yes you do physical stuff. But if that was the case, Is construction a sport or any other physical jobs a sport. NO!

  • Definitions are subject to each person.

    By many definitions of a sport. Yes show choir is a sport. However, I don't believe it is, Let me tell you why. To set the record straight, I don't believe in any way that the lack of classification as a sport does in no way take away from the activity in question. Now that hopefully you understand I don't want to bring down anyone who is in show choir I will give you a few reasons I think it shouldn't be considered a sport. The first being that the winner is determined by a judge and not by an actual well defined scoring system that everyone can follow. This alone does not keep it from being a sport. If it did wrestling would not be a sport either. The difference is that show choir is also in no way a direct competition between two entities. It is an indirect competition, Other examples would be bowling, Golf, And track. All of these things I also do not believe to be sports. In conclusion, Show choir is difficult but not a sport.

  • Not a Sport

    A sport is an athletic event that a winning team can be decided upon without a judges score. Football, soccer, baseball, hockey, and golf can all be considered sports from this definition. Although show choir requires skill, is competitive, and involves competition, a winner is not determined in the process of the performance, but by an outside judgment.

    P.S. For the record, I don't consider skiing, snowboarding, figure skating, or any other physically demanding activity that is scored by judges a sport either.

  • Show choir is not a sport!

    Show choir is not a sport. This is true because it doesn’t really have any physical exercise involved. For something to be a sport you have to burn calories while doing it. Show choir people think it’s a sport because they dance, But really all they do is jazz hands and go up and down risers. So if you want to call show choir a sport we might as well call climbing stairs a sport too.

  • Show choirs Gay

    I’ve never seen show choir in the olympics or espn. Second if show choir is defined to be a sport then chess is too because you compete. People say show choirs a sport because they haven’t tried a real sport in their life. There’s lots of things that involve physical activity and competition.

  • Show choir is not a sport

    Show choir is not athletic in any type of way. It is a hobby and a performing art. There is no pro league and there is no olympic competition for show choir. That is like saying making movies is a sport. It is the same thing. You could win awards like a oscar or an academy award. Show Choir is clearly not a sport.

  • Show choir is not a sport

    First of all there is no pro league or no olympic competition. It is like saying making movies is a sport because you could be singing and getting exercise in a movie and there are many awards like the grammys or the academy awards and that is no different between competing for awards in show choir

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