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  • All of the "NO" arguments come from people who seem to know nothing about space.

    First off: The most widely used argument that DOES NOT support space exploration is: "We have too many problems on Earth, so why go into space?". This statement makes me cringe. While there are many problems on Earth, a lot of them can be solved using the technologies that we develop for space exploration. An example of this is NASA's help on research into cancer and preventing, treating, and even curing it. According to NASA's website (http://www.Nasa.Gov/pdf/268137main_AARP_IPP_FACTSHEET.Pdf), they have done several things to contribute into cancer research such as develop technology that helps detect cancer in breast tissues.

    The second biggest argument is "It is too expensive. We should be spending space program money helping the needy." While it is true that the poor need help, over ten times more of the US's National Budget for 2014 has gone into welfare than into space exploration. So why isn't welfare too expensive? We seem to be spending a lot more on it than space exploration as it is.

    Space Exploration also gives the opportunity to one day, save mankind, and also benefit it greatly.
    Take one of Saturn's moons, Titan. It has enough lakes and oceans of natural on it to allow humanity to function for thousands of years with new technology. Plus, space exploration also creates lots of green technology, so that we may never need to use the resources on the moon. How would we get to Titan? Funding space exploration. How would we develop these green technologies? Funding space exploration.
    Back to saving mankind:
    There are thousands of near-earth asteroids that could one day pose a threat to human civilization. Back in 2013, the Chelyabinsk meteor struck Russia, killing many people and causing millions or even billions of dollars of damage.
    This was a 20 meter diameter meteor.
    Events like this, could, in the future be prevented by funding space programs and having them have more of a budget that is able to be used developing technology to prevent meteor strikes by changing the orbit paths of the asteroids so that they do not strike Earth.
    Thank you for reading my argument.

  • Yes it is

    The NASA program has done incredible research in its time. So I think Obama should stop worrying about North Korea, and put another man on the moon. Why, you ask? Because we can. Space is way more important than education. And if we need to evacuate Earth, why not in space?

  • Totally NOT worth it!!!!!

    Everyones is saying we could find another planet blah blah blah. But, if we can't get close to most of the planets how are we supposed to explore them? So it's not worth it! I know everybody has the same reason problems on earth but, it's true if we can get in trillions of dollars in debt with other countries. Imagine how we could get in with ourselves. When the government says we'll buy this and this and that and spends all of it on space. So work on the planet we have and we won't need a new one!

  • Yes it is important and completely worth it.

    Most people complain about the waste of time and money. In reality we are constantly advancing in our space program and there is no telling how many amazing things we still have to discover in space. An addition to that is, that the NASA program only uses a tiny percentage of the money given to the program ( less then .4%)

  • Space exploration is worth the money, because it is one of the few things that can unite this country.

    From the time the United States put its first satellite into orbit in response to Russia's Sputnik and President Kennedy's promise to put a man on the moon, Americans were enthralled by our space program. It was something, in those days, we could all gather around the television and watch. We need to rekindle that magic and sense of purpose.

    Posted by: AbandonedDeangelo55
  • Space exploration is worth the cost.

    People are too vulnerable on Earth. Anything can happen - the Sun can threaten us, asteroids, and so many other things. The resources are being widely used and some day people will be left almost without anything for living. In order to preserve humanity and our home world we need to find new homes.

  • So that people can live in space.

    It's better because you sleep there and you also get to fly in the space station. Then you get used to the sleeping, eating, and playing, and it's also important to visit more places in space and it's also better to get used to the stuff that you are supposed to do.

  • It is totally worth it.

    We've learned that there's water on moon, which means there is a possibility of existence of life. That in no way is a waste of money.
    We never know what lies beyond our galaxy, a whole new galaxy of humanoids who have the cure for cancer? Or a planet full of renewable coal and petroleum?
    We can make it an affirmative statement by seeing it ourselves. And if that's not worth it, I don't know what is.

  • Space exploration is worth it.

    The leading cause of more jobs mainly comes from space exploration. With different technologies like fire-proof suits and grooved landing grounds/gear, over 1,000,000 jobs are made because of it. Although it costs money, time and risks, more efficient motors and safety gear can reduce flaws in fuel pipes and cost less money.

  • Humanity is not destined to stay on Earth.

    With the rapid depletion of resources and poor environmental conditions in general, its best we leave this planet for good. If humanity stays on this planet and does not do anything in space, we wouldn't last much longer than a hundred more years or so especially if you take into account the rapid increase in population. We must travel else where to accommodate the children of the future.

  • It's not worth it

    From a religious person's point of view, I'd say that it isn't. As the bible says, our purpose of living on Earth is to lead a holy life in order to be accepted in heaven. We humans should not try to be too clever.

    Besides, space exploration requires a lot of money, and in some parts of the world, money is desperately needed. It is unfair.

  • No, it is too much.

    They need to start helping starving and homeless people. We could spend our money on that instead of spending it on space exploration. Also, 18 astronauts have died because of flight incidents. It is safer to stay on Earth and help the needy. There is no point in going to space, as nothing can be achieved there. The government should spend money on saving this planet first rather than using it to find another planet to waste. This planet was created for us to use to our benefit and we shouldn't trash it and move on. Focus on other problems like war, corruption and environmental issues, which is a more terrible matter right now.

  • We are chasing a pipe dream.

    We can't even send a man to the moon (yes, it hasn't been done yet, research it) and we are trying to send a man to Mars or spend billions keeping a station afloat which is not doing anything to help with the more immediate concerns of our planet and it's inhabitants.

    As of today, neither the ESA, Japan nor Russia have sent their people to the moon, not because it isn't feasible for them, but it's just not possible for anybody. There are regions outside the protective magnetic belts around the Earth where any man even using the best technology as of today will still be microwaved to a crisp by the sun's radiation.
    So get real everybody, we are not going to live on the moon or another planet. And to top it all off, we can't even learn to take care of the one planet we have, that being what we need to learn to do first!

  • It's not worth it.

    I feel the space program is not worth it because of how much money it costs everyone. We are in some major debt to other countries and this does not help the situation at all. I think we just need to forget about it and get rid of the whole thing.

  • Stop spending money

    There are already many problems on Earth. They need to start helping starving and homeless people. We already owe China about 2 and 1/2 trillion dollars. We could spend our money on that instead of space exploration. Also 18 astronauts have died cause of flight incidents. It is more safe to stay in earth and help the need. We were born and made to enjoy the planet lets do it now!

  • NO

    The government should spend money on saving this planet first rather than using it to find another planet to waste. This planet was created for us to use to our benefit and we shouldn't trash it and move on. Focus on other problems like war, corruption, environmental issues, which is a more pressing matter right now.

  • Nope

    The government should spend money on saving this planet first rather than using it to find another planet to waste. This planet was created for us to use to our benefit and we shouldn't trash it and move on. Focus on other problems like war, corruption, environmental issues, which is a more pressing matter right now.

  • No it is not worth it

    The government spends millions of dollars on space exploration when they could be solving other problems like DEBT for one. The space explorations never really give us any benefit except for a better understanding about the world around us, which don't get me wrong, that's pretty important, but we have other problems.

  • Mars not our biggest worry

    Earth has it's own problems, so if we waste our money on Mars, then we won't fix problems we have on Earth. Also, money is most likely to be wasted because of the technology needed to get there that might not work. This is why we should not permit space travel.

  • There are better uses for that money.

    The billions said program would require are better spent down here on earth. We have to fix the problems down here if we want future generations to have a chance of making it to the final frontier, but it won't be us. It's a long way before space exploration becomes worthwhile. So right now, it'd be like throwing away the money. Even worse, because what you're supporting plays right into the hands of current problems like oil-shortage, (C02-) pollution etc. On the whole, it might eventually be a necessity for mankind's survival, but we have to be able to get to that point first. We won't in a polluted, starving, dying world.

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PreachinP77 says2015-02-27T21:29:22.360
I say NO because, #1 we could be using that .4% on the earth today and when the earth starts to die and you plan to go to space well you need to go back to earth which is going to be gone your going to need AIR!!!!!!!! Done commenting, and if you have any other "FACTS" about what I have to say then comment so I can shut you down!!!!! :) :)
noahfulkerson says2016-01-28T23:54:09.717
PreachinP77 first of all you have no idea what you're talking about. This isn't a sci fi movie where humans fly off and come back and expect Earth to be cured. If we ever do desperately fly off into space because well you know Earth has toxic air from pollution we'll fly off to a planet or a moon we've studied enough to know that we can live on it, like Titan. By the way, touch up on how to write sentences because you zero indication of making any logical sense. Anyways everything you said is what we used space exploration for you never explained any negative side effects of it. You can't even write an argument correctly.

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