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  • Yes. He is against interracial marriage.

    In an Esquire interview Mr. Lee said, “I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street.”

    The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers is considered a racist. He even lost his team because of it. Spike Lee has made statements just as racist as Donald Sterling. Lee continues to do projects for the NBA.

  • An Opinion Voiced

    This illustrates the destructive current arising from integration and the civil rights movement in America (the positive current is equality under the law), namely, that legal protection and opportunity have provided a platform for revenge tactics that illustrate that integration is for people like this never a mode of living but a way of achieving legal protection to redress historical abuses (rightly so) that, among other things, also allows for a "separate but equal" positioning of the black community in the US. Summed up, blacks have no wish to "integrate" other than in legal/constitutional terms. "Black and White together" as in the old civil rights song was never the wish. Integration under the law but segregation in culture and communities was the preference (along with a good measures of "in your face" aggressiveness and revenge tactics. Integration redressed centuries of legal neglect and abuses, but the wish for integration was for that only, not for reconciliation. Red America/Blue America; White America/Black America; relations between men and women in America (The French newspaper "Le Monde Diplomatique" once wrote that the only thing worse in America than relations between men and women was relationships between the races. A very unhappy country full of fragmentation, without a sense of life and living that demonstrates the graciousness and elegance of other cultures (the conviviality of being), all of which is why American with money often flee America for something that, in terms of the arts of living, is better.

  • Met him on 49th floor.

    I worked as a receptionist on West 57th street at Wathne Limited. He walked onto my floor (49th) accidentally with a gaggle of people surrounding him. He looked right at me and said, "get me your boss you little white thing" with an odd cackle coming from his (sidekicks?) Had a very odd look on his face. But he did say this verbatim. It was June 2nd 1995. Thought this was odd as I am not a native to the states and I heard a little about racial tensions, and this was most curious. I also recall Berg (sp?) was getting ready at the same time with her gown for a spring dance coming up at the botanical garden.

  • Yes completely racist.

    He hates interracial marriage and relationships. You cannot let skin color get in the way of love. He also completely denies that african tribe leaders so captured africans into slavery. He prefers to pretend every slave was kidnapped by white europeans. He takes every chance he gets to say something negative about white people.

  • Spike lee is a racist for holding an unnecessary grudge and quite an extraordinary prejudice

    He seems to be so emotionally unstable when it comes to race that he uses "political incorrectness'' in movies in which the specific time era imposes such words as an evidence of other filmmakers' racist position against African Americans notably in his aggressive criticism of tarantino's 2012 movie: django unchained.

  • I don't know about racist, but he is a whiner

    He whines about things that have no place. He whines about conservatism, which believes in everyone's right to opportunity and education. Claims that Bush didn't do anything for the victims of Katrina. I don't know if he's racist, but I sure as Hell do know he is a whiny little coward.

  • Yes, because he's prejudiced about race

    Yes, I think Spike Lee is racist, because he's clearly prejudiced about race. I remember when he lost his first chance at winning an Oscar. He announced that the Academy was racist. Apparently it never occurred to him that the majority of voters might have truly believed that the other film was better than his. If you're going to cry racism, make sure your own hands are clean.

  • He is a segregationist.

    Yes, Spike Lee is a racist, because he used swear words to talk about so-called hipsters. He claims to be about tolerance, but when someone different wants to move into the neighborhood and bring their culture, he is not having it. The people who claim to be tolerant are the least tolerant of all.

  • Yes because he believes in segregation.

    Lee's message from his Jungle fever movie implied that an interracial couple, Particularly, A white woman and black man, Will not work. That relationship according to him is just lust, Not love, Which will eventually ruin the black male, BUT not the white women.

    Remember the scene in his Malcome X movie where he played Malcome's friend. His character made a statement to Malcome X after he was converted to Islam: "Come on Malcolm, Let's go get some white girls! " Malcome stood proudly and adamantly implied, He was a different person now, He was once lost but now found. He doesn't mess with them anymore. What an insult.

  • Definitely a racist

    Every article I've come across over the years seems to indicate so. While it's possible certain quotes have been taken out of context, There's too much evidence to support that he's a bigot. Won't stop me from watching his movies though, So long as its content is entertaining and makes for a decent story.

  • Spike Lee is not a racist.

    Some may label Spike as a hateful filmmaker, and I agree. But he has his reasons, and they are WELL justified. His films feature realistic racial discrimination to show how low and hateful humanity can venture, but these opinions are not coming from him. His films are hard to swallow at times, but he is a master filmmaker and deserves recognition.

  • Spike Lee is not a racist.

    Spike Lee is not a racist. He has made movies that focus on race relations, and real life interactive situations between the races, but he has not acted in a way that portray any one race as being better than the other. Just because his movies have racial themes doesn't mean he is a racist.

  • No, I don't think Spike Lee is a racist.

    I think that Spike Lee is a proud advocate for the African American Community and he has made some controversial comments on race but I think overall he is not a racist and respects both races equally, I think sometimes people mistake pride for some ones race as being racist against anyone else when that is not normally the case.

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