• This is a topic that needs to be started

    In my belief, Tartar sauce tastes better than aioli. This is my first time starting a topic on debate. Org but I believe this needs to be discussed. With my personal taste buds, Tartar sauce tastes better than aioli. Don't get me wrong, Aioli is pretty good but tartar sauce has more flavour and tastes better with chips.

  • Aioli is better

    Although most can agree that tartar sauce and aioli are both great sauces, According to the 'Today' website "31 calories per tablespoon" to sometimes "71 calories per tablespoon" according to fatsecret. Com is consumed when you eat tartar sauce making it fairly unhealthy. It also has a higher sugar and sodium content on average than aioli. In general, I believe that tartar sauce tastes good with seafood whereas aioli for multiple purposes such as on burgers, Seafood, On chips etc. The amount of uses are endless! In conclusion, Although both aioli and tartar sauce are made with similar ingredients, Aioli's garlic kick just gives it that edge over tartar.

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