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  • Yes, it is.

    The animated movie Frozen does deserve all of the praise it has receieved. It was very well done and very well produced. I think it may even be the best animated movie that was ever created, and that is really saying a lot. I recommend everyone watches it at least once.

  • Frozen is awesome!

    Frozen is amazing! I live the song Let it go!! It's the best. The way she made the ice castle was so cool and Idiina Mendel is an AMAZING singer!!!! Frozen should get praise because it is a new and unique Disney movie. People put really hard work into making it.

  • Of course it is

    Frozen is a disney movie, for kids. There is no doubt that every single girl (and even boys) under 20 yo loved it. Also, it is very nicely done. The image is surprisingly fantastic. Every detail is there. The only problem with this movie is that there is too much singing, but once again, it's a movie for kids, and kids love it.

  • YES! It deserves it all

    I am a sister myself and I understood Elsa perfectly. If something like that would have happened to me id do anything to save my little sister from myself too. I was really disappointed when they said only true loves act can save her. But it turned out to be the love between sisters which is more real than any love we can feel as romance

  • It was one of the greatest movies ever

    Those who doesn't like animated movies can think this is for kids but no this is for everyone.The relationship between sisters and their characters are so real. Also it teaches our power comes from inside not from other people. That we need to do it ourselves if we want to change things. Also when you look back in the history of disney princesses you will see elsa and anna(and merida too actually) are the only ones that stood up theirself instead of waiting for a prince charming. Beacuse of these i think frozen deserves all the praises

  • It was a lovely film.

    It had excellent graphics, deep stories, love and everything needed for a great film. The Let it Go was lovely and beautiful with a great meaning and rhyme. The animation was great. It had funny stuff and lots more things. Elsa was complicated in the film and a complication is just too good for a film. The love included was deep and warmed the heart. It is my favourite movie! Much different from the current ones:
    Adults: Kill, blood, murder, sadness.
    Children: Super-something.
    It was made brilliantly that even adults enjoy it.
    Overall an outstanding movie 10/10

  • Yes the movie "Frozen" has deserved the praise it has gotten.

    While some may argue that this animated movie cannot beat the classics, it is a combination of all of the wonderful factors from the many Disney movies we love, and became one harmonious production! It starts out in a totally unique way by beginning with Elsa and Anna as young princesses. It shows through the spectacular song "Do you want to Build a Snowman?" A fast forwarded view of their lives. Unlike most princess stories there are not one but two main princesses who portray love, independence, and courage toward others. Additionally, this movie had some of the best music out of any of the original movies. It contained at least 6 great songs which are all incredibly catchy. The musical numbers helped give a nice flow to the movie and really made it unforgettable. Lastly it is not usual to have the princess be the heroin in the end. Instead of a Prince Charming saving the day it results in the sisters saving each other, teaching a great lesson of protection and love towards your family. This production even being animated was just incredible and does deserve all of the awards and praise.

  • Yes but it isn't the greatest since the older ones

    I found it entertaining and I like it. I liked the characters and the story but i do not think it was the greatest disney movie ever. But still an overall good movie. Everyone has their own opinion on the movie and this is mine. It may seem overrated but still worthy of its praise and is enjoyable

  • Frozen Deserves All The Praise It Has Received

    Frozen is a beautifully-animated, heartfelt movie that delights children and adults alike. It sends a valuable message about the power of strong female protagonists and the importance of placing family and loyalty above all else. Its infused with heart, comedy, and features a gorgeous soundtrack to boot. Frozen is a stunning, soon-to-be-classic addition to the Disney film family.

  • Yes I believe Frozen was worth the praise

    1. Instead of throwing in your typical "Prince Charming", this one clearly was flawed and even sarcastic. This shows the progression that Disney went through in terms of creating male heroes in the film which for Disney this is more original and was also included in "Tangled." 2. The lovable sidekick that tagged along Olaf. I think that Olaf was just an extremely goofy and lovable character that really gave the film something special. The fact that he sang a whole song about wondering what summer would be like had everyone in the movie theater cracking up. Which brings me to my next point. 3. The memorable and witty sing-along songs that they did.I personally enjoyed every one of them during the movie. 4. The non-typical antagonist. Typically, you would think that Elsa would be the villain given that she froze everything over and sent a giant ice beast after her sister. However, in this situation she is the heroin and the person that you thought to also be a heroin is the villain (the prince). 5. Lastly, the fact that it was Elsa that saved Anna with her love and not the male hero like pretty much every other Disney movie just warms the heart.

  • No, Frozen was not worth the praise.

    I do not believe that the praise that the film Frozen has been getting is deserved. I think that the film is pretty mediocre and not that entertaining. I think a lot of people just have some kind of bad taste in films these days. I think there are way better movies.

  • I strongly disagree! The movie frozen has been reciveing high praise which is not needed.

    Firstly it takes a while to fully introduce the characters and then the prince charming of the story turns turns out to be a bad guy, which is a good twist but to a mediocre 5 year old girl that may break her heart. Then as you get to know the new love of her life the movie finishes

    secondly one of the main parts of the praise for frozen is the song "let it go". Well frankly it was boring, yes I admit i am more of a dub-step person but is still like like a bite of pop, still it was to dull for my liking.

    Thirdly the plot at times was very random and unthought.The trolls were unexplained and slapped in.
    Frozen is an okay 1 time viewing movie but not deserved of the praise and recognition its getting.

  • I was disappointed with it.

    Naturally, with a film of this budget there will be a lot of decent moments, and the film did have some good ones. I was underwhelmed and bored with much of it though. It was overly sentimental and the dialogue and acting often felt stilted.

    The two princesses looked interchangeable, if you switched their hair and outfits halfway through the movie, I'm not sure very many people would notice.

    I'm not the target demographic for this type of movie, but I'd say it was mediocre at best.

  • Frozen is not worth the praise it has received

    It is my opinion that the movie "Frozen" has received more praise than it deserves because it is not necessarily a groundbreaking film. The story and the concept are great for a child audience, but the themes used in the film are not very original or new. The film was better than most but not the best of all time.

  • In comparison to tangled absolutely not, On it's own its still overrated

    I think Frozen is a good one time watch, but definitely shouldn't be regarded a classic, In comparison to Tangled I think this film hasn't even come close to the amount of smoothness, Wit or charm. I find the songs quite poor in comparison to Tangled. For example Olaf's song about summer is so irrelevant to the whole movie. Also the trolls were just a random thing they added to the plot without properly explaining them, which is not what good movies do.

    Well considering that Frozen had $100 million less in production costs
    Frozen: 160Mil
    Tangled: 260mil

    I'm not really surprised. I am quite sad that everyone has forgotten Tangled with my Woman Rapunzel and moved on from her amazing charm </3

  • I hate frozen

    Frozen is a stupid movie with songs that tick me off like a nuclear bomb I have a sister who loves frozen and so far i have had to watch the dumb movie over 5 times. I hate frozen so much i would rather die then watch frozen. No no

  • Frozen is not feminist

    Elsa doesn't do naything in this movie and Anna is pushed into these romantic relationships that are forced and sloppy. Elsa is asked 4 times to help and she doesn't even want to try just because "She's scared and doesn't know how to" That's no excuse. What happened to the "You're brave even when you're scared"? Elsa needed to be told that it was love but she didn't even figured it out herself because she's bland and has no personality.

  • I hope to turn the tide here with my arguement.

    First off i see no good reason to praise a movie that had no depth whatsoever. Secondly Elsa's parents deserve the "worst parents in the entire #%&(*^% UNIVERSE" award, they were stupid and oppressive. If you don't think so, go search up "how frozen should hve ended". Also if you don't agree with me, I don't care. I can only describe Frosen in two words: COMPLETE SCHIZ!!!!!

  • While Frozen is a great movie, it does not deserve half the praise it gets

    It was a great film but it is very overrated.People claim it was Disney's best film, which is actually not a fact but a matter of opinion.

    Let It Go used to be a beautiful song but it has been overplayed so much it's gotten annoying. The Nostalgia Critic's parody video basically sums up how i feel about the song.

    And god, people keep acting like Frozen was the first movie to show girls that they don't need a man. NO IT WASN'T. MULAN ALREADY DID THAT.

    In short, it's a great movie but it is very overrated and doesn't deserve all of the praise it gets

  • It was slightly overrated

    To be perfectly honest, I found it to be clichéd. Disney used the same elements and themes from other animated Disney movies; princesses, handsome guys, what is true love, etc., nothing riveting. The one big difference it has from previous animated movies is that the handsome prince is the main villiain. And Elsa attempting to gain mastery over her powers throughout the whole movie was tedious. Everything in this movie seems sensical to a young child, but me being an adult, I noticed several holes in the plot.

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BlackOpal97 says2015-06-27T12:13:12.433
Not really it took disney how many movies to make something like this

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