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Is the Carmichael mine project potentially detrimental to New Zealand?

  • Yes, it is detrimental

    New Zealand is a small nation that is very reliant on their natural resources. The Carmichael mine project puts a threat to those resources which puts at risk the country's agriculture, tourism and overall environmental health. Mining has been a hazard for years and it has reeked havoc on the day to day lives of many countries. New Zealand will not be an exception.

  • Yes, the Carmichael mine project is potentially detrimental to New Zealand.

    Yes, the Carmichael mine project is potentially detrimental to New Zealand. While this mine is not located in New Zealand, but in the state of Queensland in Australia, New Zealand could potentially be harmed by the greenhouse gases emitted by this project. The government of New Zealand should oppose this project.

  • Yes, it may be detrimental to New Zealand.

    Yes, to my understanding, it could be detrimental. The Carmichael mine is in Queensland Australia. A decision was made to give mine jobs to locals. That's good for Australia, but if New Zealanders were hoping for some of those coal mine jobs, then it could be detrimental to them if they don't get those jobs.

  • No, i disagree

    No, i strongly disapprove this. The burning of coal from Carmichael mine would produce four times the fossil fuel emissions of New Zealand. The Carmichael mine, to be the largest coalmine in Australia, will be constructed in the Galilee basin in central Queensland. Therefore it is not detrimental to New Zealand.

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