Is the legalization of gay marriage destroying our country?

  • If the government is supporting it legally and financially YES

    Its only a matter of time before unreasonable demands are given to the LBGTQ community to where they are making it a requirement to have "equal" representation in society. When will it end? When will. . . Equality be achieved, Or enough equality is given? People are fickle and it will not end untill one side has little more power then the other. But of course no side will admit to that.

  • Is the legalization of gay marriage destroying our country?

    Yes, It is.

    1. It is not moral
    2. Man and woman first human beings to walk the earth.
    3. It is unnatural.

    It damages a person as a whole. Things progress slowly. Gay marriage does harm to the community as a whole, Making people believe thing like abortion and euthanasia are ok when really it is just the murder of people who are looked at as useless or human waste. Abortion is the murder of an innocent child. Once one thing becomes accepted the most abominable of all practices become accepted.

    Posted by: MAD3
  • Our Gay world is disgusting and immoral

    The United States used to be a great nation until they legalized gay marriage. Now we are in the end times! Our world is going to hell because of gay marriage! Next, They'll want to marry their kids, Or their animals. Allowing sinful and immoral acts will only unleash a chain reaction that will lead our nation into HELL! And time has proven that two people of the same sex CANNOT produce a child. If our world becomes gay, Then we'll become extinct after just one generation. The Devil is luring us into the sinful gay marriage, And it is destroying out country, And it's christian foundation. To survive, We must base all of our decisions on the Bible, And resist the world and the things of the world. Fight the lust of the flesh, The lust of the eyes, And the pride of life.

    Ban gay marriage, Abortion, Put an end to planned parenthood, And outlaw all secular music.

  • Christianity is bigoted, And homosexuality is no more immoral than wearing clothes of mixed fabrics.

    To use your religion to oppose homosexuality is stupid ( At least in the case of Christianity). Your same Holy Book condemns wearing clothes that are made of 2 or more fabrics. Something you most likely have done several times in your life. The bible all states that all sins are on an equal level of wrongness or injustice. Meaning that according to the bible, Disobeying your parents is just as evil as murdering someone in cold blood. You have to be psychotic to actually think this. Same sex couples cannot produce a child together, With each other. This is true. But most sex that occurs today between even heterosexual adults is not for the purpose of procreation, But for pleasure, And fun. None of the arguments by the first commenter on the "yes" side are valid. And if their logic is correct, They is condemned by the same standard which they claim others are.

    For reference. Here is where in the bible it says wearing clothes of mixed fabric is a sin, And immoral :

    Leviticus 19:19 - "'Keep my decrees. "'Do not mate different kinds of animals. "'Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed. "'Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.

  • It's not destroying. . . . .

    Gay marriage is not destroying our country. Continuing to make an issue out of it and calling attention to it every chance they get is getting old though. I don't care who marries who, But we don't need a headline about it every day. We don't continually make a scene out of male/female marriage. Religion and it's myths and fairy tales are what will destroy our country. If two men marry and have a monogamous, Caring, Loyal marriage, It can serve as a role model for others. With a 49% divorce rate I don't think heterosexual marriages have it all figured out yet.

  • Gay Marriage has not and will continue to not destroy our country

    This argument of 'blank' will destroy our country has been around forever. People said allowing the common folk to vote would destroy the country. Interracial marriage would destroy our country. Women having rights would destroy our country. This is the logic of those grasping at straws to justify their bigoted opinions.

  • In what case?

    1. It is moral
    2. There's nothing wrong with it
    3. It is in fact natural

    It is moral in the case that 2 people can be allowed to love each other and marry regardless of race, Religion, Gender, And age. If you think different, You're a bigot. In any other case, You probably go by your religion. So be it, Go crazy, Do whatever, You have your opinion. But the fact that just because you read it from a book doesn't mean it is true in any way shape or form. Sure, I'm catholic, So be it. But I'm not against homosexuality because I have gay grandparents by marriage that had to go through their own hoops, F**k you and your religious opinion that has no backup facts nor claim. There's nothing wrong with it, Because like I said above. In 2014 the state I live in, PA, In 2014 the same-sex marriage ban was taken down according to Whitewood v. Wolf. Governor Tom Corbett, And for good reason. You shouldn't be allowed to be against gay marriage even if it's against your religion, F**k your beliefs. It's natural, Because like I said above multiple times, PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN FREEDOM AND NOONE CARES ABOUT YOUR BELIEFS. There are too many religious crazy people that stand almighty by their religion like it's their golden shield against religion like they going kame hame ha super Saiyan blue eyes fuckin mode against anything that stands against it.

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