Is the price of the Aston Martin comparable to other models of custom, foreign cars?

  • Aston Martin is expensive like other foreign cars

    The Aston Martin is just as expensive as many other expensive, custom and foreign cars. It runs in the same price ranges as the Lamborgini, the Bentley and the Ferrari. Like the other cars, the Aston Martin owes its legacy to Hollywood. One of the most memorable people to ever own a Aston Martin was James Bond. Many people are willing to pay the extra money just to say they own the same car as 007.

  • Aston Martins Are Expensive

    Like any other custom-made vehicles, Aston Martins are expensive. Yet other foreign cars made to particular specs are equally as impressive. The one exception is probably a Rolls Royce because they are manufactured by hand and are limited editions every year for super-rich buyers. Aston Martins are probably the most well-known custom cars on the planet, so their prices are comparable just on reputation alone.

  • Only with high models

    The Aston Martin is sort of a supercar that exists in a class of sporty luxury vehicles that is out of the budget of most Americans. You can get a foreign car that is much cheaper, but it will be a much less luxurious car, and be something more typical on the road.

  • They sell it on price.

    No, the price of the Aston Martin is not comparable to other models of custom, foreign cars, because the way Aston Martin sells their cars is by convincing the public that they are the most luxurious. One of the ways that they do that is by raising the price, to convince people that they are getting more quality.

  • No, the Aston Martin is more expensive based on the brand.

    There is no doubt that building custom made vehicles is expensive. The assembly line and fully interchangeable parts exist because they make manufacturing less expensive. Even so, the cost of an Aston Martin is quite a bit more than the sum of its parts. This is because the Aston Martin brand allows for an additional premium based on the scarcity and desirability of the vehicles.

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