• A weird test that matters a lot

    I got good grades I studied hard and was top of the class. Then the SATs came and I was unprepared for them. The math was easy but some of the English and writing and science questions were weird. My school and the textbooks failed to prepare me. I did my best and used logic. The math was high but everything else was mediocre.

    Then I see all of the elite schools have all of the SAT answers and that there are classes and programs that solely work on students MEMORIZING the answers. That is not being smart that is just copy and pasting the answers.

    Of course I want hard working students to get rewarded but I want a more rounded and randomized test and one that does not sell the answers to the rich and wealthy. How could a broke kid like me with old used outdated textbooks and no support compete with students who already have the answers fed to them.

  • Unfair Representation of Individuals

    I feel the SAT is an unfair representation of our intelligence. Considering how we are all unique beings, We are all capable beings in different ways. Students stress out and load themselves with caffeine to stay awake to study for the SAT when it's just a piece of paper with questions on it. The SAT is completely overrated and puts an emotionally unhealthy setbacks on bright and unique kids. The SAT has been given way to much authority over education and college admissions 'till the point it defines each individual in society. The SAT should not be allowed to label a person.

  • No if you

    Are having problems with the sat you probably need to get in a special ed class because that shit int hard fuckin dumbass if you have problems with it i actually think you have the iq of fortnite players go learn something fuckin cucks thats what school is for.

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