• Yes and here is why. . . . . . .

    To understand absolute truth you must first understand Truth. The greek philosopher Aristotle argues that truth relies on the actual existence of the concept of truth itself. He also suggests that a statement or belief can change from true to false only if that which it refers to actually changes. Thus truth never changes

  • ABSOLUTE TRUTH is written on every mans heart from birth.

    God is ruler. God makes rules. Read your Bible and the truth will set you free. ABSOLUTE truth is ABSOLUTE because it was created in your conscience by the CREATOR. This is why AI systems will never be able to think on their own past their coding. CONSCIENCE will never be achieved without demonic forces being adapted which would bring total destruction.

  • If you are reasonable, You must believe in an absolute truth.

    Assume temporarily that there is no absolute truth. The statement "there is no absolute truth" is an absolute assertion. Therefore, If it were true, Then the statement "there is no absolute truth" would be an absolute truth. But this contradicts the assumed premise, That there is no absolute truth. Therefore the assumption is false and the opposite must be true: there is an absolute truth.

    This assumes, Of course, That logic is reliable. The reliability of logic can be shown to be consistent, And therefore likely true. Because any argument uses logic, However, It cannot be PROVEN true. So, Though finding what specifically is absolutely true would be difficult, Any reasonable person (that is, A person who believes that logic is reliable) must believe in an absolute truth.

  • You just refuse to believe it

    Someone sees a six. A person on the opposite sees a 9. No one knows what it is until the creator returns and tells you what it is.
    God is the creator and he is the truth. No other religion has the answers that the bible provides. He said he is the truth the way and the light. As clear as day.
    In other religions they are very vague and they do not know either.
    Read the bible from start to end and you will find the answers, It makes those bold claims that no one makes.
    And it even makes bold claims about the future.

  • Most ABSOLUTELY indeed.

    Absolutely. At least according to our consciousness and five senses. All we can know for sure is still only grounded in reality. Reality is structured by perception, Knowledge there of and of course sensibility. Outside of that, We can speculate, Wonder, Inquire on what else is there on the outside.

    Posted by: mall
  • More or less No

    There is not an absolute truth when it comes to things of this world. Senses differ to the point that one something that smells good can smell bad, Warm things are cold, And something is written can be taken from one meaning to another. The combination of time and differences makes too many varients on almost any subject for there to be an absolute truth.

  • It's pretty tricky what you mean by truth

    As a concluded of this argument even you believe in truth depending on what you are believe doesn't make any sense that you claim yourself as absolute truth, I think this world is not as logical as it used to be but can be supported in many evidences which may come across in many different ways on different subjects and interest may not be objective and truth as it used to be, Many schemes work and that's the truth and fact but the fact that claim to see the absolute truth is totally bullshit it's nonsense, You only proclaim yourself that you know everything than other people do but it's really not

  • No there is not!

    Everything is biased in one way or another. While there are cold, Hard facts that are true regardless of anything else, An absolute truth requires knowledge on every interpretation of knowledge. There are separate realities in everyone's mind, Which will never be able to be combined, And therefore an absolute truth never will be fully formed.

  • You all care way to much about this. (this whole thing is about the website not even about this topic)

    We all die in the end so why does it matter. I'm only on here because my teacher is making me and this whole website is just a bunch of people with way to much time on their hands. Like go live life have some fun stop worrying about this stuff because if actually mattered to you, You wouldn't be on here complaining about it.

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