• Who really cares?

    Free speech is legal, And while I don't like the picture used here, It's okay to be white, So why not? There are T-shirts saying it's okay to be black, So it's only fair there would be ones saying it's okay to be white. That's equality. Fair and simple. While I would change the picture, I don't see why this is a problem. Promoting one race over another makes no sense when we're all human beings. Why give special attention, Special rights, Or entitlements to one race over another when we're all human? We work better when we're united as one instead of bickering amongst ourselves on petty racial issues. If we have the time to argue over race, We're too comfortable as a nation and need a wake up call on what's actually important. We waste so much time on social politics that we lose sight of real problems and the big issues facing the world.

  • There is no clear definition of "white"

    Irish people and Italians were not considered white in the past. Yet now they are called white.
    Italians and even Greek people have brown skin but they are called white.
    Is it skin color? Because pale Mexicans and albino black people exist.
    It it from Europe only because some non white people are erupeans

  • Lol ah shit

    I just fucked my girl in a tractor and now shes all angry with me and shit saying i cheated on her and i was like WHITE PEOPLE STUPID and she said the most dumbass thing ever f**k you and our unborn little baby girl you racist. Lol jk bye

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