Is Too much coaching killing natural flair in the sports?

Asked by: A-L-I-Hassan
  • Yes, till a certain point

    There isn't too much to talk about here. Even in most sports-related movies, we always have that stereotypical overly obsessed coach. He's tall and huge, wearing a sunglass. He's like a military officer. Over coaching can be a good thing for different situations, for FIFA or Olympic, you have to coach hard and I mean really hard. That is the exception but going overboard can really kill the game. This example is absurd but hear me out. You see a ten-year-old soccer team and see a coach. You can hear him do crazy things like doing ten push-ups everytime you don't respond him. He wants you to be in perfectly straight lines. From my perspective, that would be something called absurd. I mean, there are too many coaches being employed. The coaches should let the teammates do their own things sometimes and try out different things too.

  • Over coaching kills natural instincts

    Seeing modern sports, i think there are too much coaches being employed. Too many coaches mean too many ideas and practices which kills the natural instincts of player/athelete. It seems players are just doing some strict job at the office and they remain in their shells. Probably most affected by this trend is Cricket.
    Would like to know about your ideas about it.. Waiting

  • Coaching kills natural talents

    The overall purpose of sports and games is physical fitness and nothing else. But what is happening today?Sports and games have become avenues for competition with huge money as rewards. Naturally the sports is misused to earn money and become rich. Not doing any other work other than sports and games is totally undesirable. Playing cannot be one's avocation. But that is what we see in games like cricket and tennis. Promotion of sports and games as a competitive activity has led to many problems.It is not seen to promote physical fitness but to may ailments which is quite paradoxical. Let us not spend huge money on sports and its training. Let players play their natural games. In my opinion international sports events like Olympics should be gradually withdrawn. Certainly there is some vested interest in the promotion of such sports activity

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