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  • Traffic congestion is a major problem for American citizens.

    Because urban sprawl has become some common and because very few cities offer adequate public transportation services, traffic congestion has become a major problem for American cities. Not only does it contribute significantly to pollution, it also places added stress on roadways as well as drivers. It also requires the use of more oil in the form of fuel used during commuting.

  • It causes major problems

    Cities and major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, California face severe problems when going four or five miles down the highway might be a 2 or 3 hour trip. These severe congestion issues are preventing people from working, is cutting into their routine, and creates significant environmental consequences as cars are used inefficiently.

  • Yes, I think traffic congestion is a legitimate problem for American cities.

    I think many of our cities initial infrastructure never imagined the amount of cars that would be on the road such as today so the cities are vastly overloaded with traffic congestion, in some cities you can sit in hour long traffic jams on a daily occurrence, I think there needs to be more focus on mass transit and expanding the highway systems in many major cities.

  • traffic is a big problem

    Traffic congestion is a big problem in almost all big cities in America and around the world. This causes lost productivity and it causes air and smog problems in the cities and makes the air harmful to breath for people with asthma. People need to work from home rather than driving to work.

  • Yes it is.

    There are way to many cars on the road causing way to many problems. During rush hour in my city it is very ridiculous how long it takes to travel to certain places. There should be more public transport. There are way too many wrecks and traffic jams causing pollution and other problems.

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